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GrowingTextViewHandler screenshot


An NSObject subclass to handle resizing of UITextView as the user types in. The textview resizes as long as the number of lines lies between specified minimum and maximum number of lines.

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AvatarView screenshot


Easy to use view for displaying avatars.

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DiscogsAPI screenshot


An Objective-C interface for Discogs API v2.0

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GDSMSSplitter screenshot


The repository contains two Objective-C classes designed to split a string into a sequence of short messages close to the international standard of SMS messaging. The GDSMSSplitter class is responsible for actuall splitting. GDSMSCounterLabel is a UILabel subclass which implements the basic pattern for showing a user the number of SMS-messages potentially sent to recipient and the count of leftover symbols. You can check GDSMSSplitterDemo project to see how it's used (it's really straightforward). GDSMSSplitter provides support for GSM 03.38 standard (including basic character set extension table, but excluding national language shift tables). It also supports UTF-16 (UCS-2) encoding standard. Also available via CocoaPods.

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KPProgressImageView screenshot


KPProgressImageView - simple UIImageView subclass to provide double-tinted images for showing any operation progress in easy way.

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DPTheme screenshot


DPTheme help you set default theme color for your app. Shorten the time of customization for UIControls with just one line of code.

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KYDigitalFontView screenshot


KYDigitalFontView is a custom view that displays the character in the digital font style ・IBDesignable support

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MaterialView screenshot


Material Floating Button for iOS - Swift

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LGFlapJackStackView screenshot


A view that supports competing, horizontally stacked bar graphs.

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RMSaveButton screenshot


A drop-in replacement for a click-to-save action in iOS.

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