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PI_EmojiPicker screenshot


Simple NSView or NSViewController based picker for Emoji. I took the wonderful work of AGEmojiKeyboard (https://github.com/ayushgoel/iOS-emoji-keyboard) as a base to create an OS X version. Its extremely simple and worth a couple hours of work. Its useful if you want to allow a user to enter Emoji without having to use the "special keyboard" in the edit menu. An example would be like Messages/iChat which has a smiley face picker next to the text entry.

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KPCClipShadowsScrollView screenshot


A simple Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that allows to draw on its top and its bottom small shadow rectangles to provide a subtle and discrete fade effect, for a smoother visual transition.

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XLocation screenshot


An Xcode plugin which lets you add easily a new location from an address in your current Xcode project.

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FlatUI Colors Palette for Xcode screenshot

FlatUI Colors Palette for Xcode

FlatUI Colors (http://flatuicolors.com/) palette for use in Xcode. Install by executing the following command in your terminal: wget -P ~/Library/Colors https://raw.github.com/hemantasapkota/FlatUIColorPaletteXCode/master/FlatUI.clr Note: You must restart XCode to start using the palette.

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PCProgressView screenshot


A simple rounded progress view for OS X which is customisable. - Background line colour - Background line width - Progress line colour - Progress line width - Animation duration and of course you can set the progress percentage animated or not.

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GRNavigationController screenshot


Simple navigation controller for OS X apps.

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WCGitTagsPlugin screenshot


An Xcode plugin which lets you add tagging ability to Source Control

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AdjustFontSize-Xcode-Plugin screenshot


Increase Xcode font size with ⌘+. Useful for presentations.

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Marvelous screenshot


Marvelous is an unofficial native interface to the Marvel Comics API for OSX. It is built on top of the Foundation framework and it uses the high-level operation and networking abstractions built into the Cocoa framework. The design of this framework aims to be easy-to-use in your projects and semantically related to the API.

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SANetworkTester screenshot


Quick and Easy way to check for active network connection using Blocks or Delegate on iOS devices

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