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GRCustomizableWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass with support to custom titlebar height, background color and title color

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KFToolbar screenshot


An easy to setup and use toolbar that can contain KFToolbarItems (what is actually a wrapper for NSButtons).

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JMTimerBeam screenshot


JMTimerBeam enables you to show a decent beam on your OSX screen for visualising a timing event. The beam will be attached to the top, right, bottom or left side of your screen and decreases steadily depending on the amount of time already elapsed.

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DCOAboutWindow screenshot


A replacement for the standard Mac app About dialog. Easily link to your apps website and display acknowledgements separately from your credits.

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XML-Reader screenshot


XML Reader for OS X that allows you to preview a XML url as well as convert it to JSON format.

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JSON to Foundation screenshot

JSON to Foundation

Take a JSON object and convert it to a Foundation object and export to class files.

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WaveformView screenshot


An NSView subclass to display the waveform for an audio file, allowing customisability of colors, play/stop control and image generation

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ProvisionQL screenshot


Quick Look plugin for .ipa and .mobileprovision Inspired by number of existing alternatives, the goal of this project is to provide clean, reliable, current and open-source Quick Look plugin for iOS & OSX developers. Thumbnails will show app icon for .ipa or expiring status and device count for .mobileprovision. Quick look preview will give a lot of information, including UUIDs, devices, certificates and much more. Supporting file types: * .ipa - iOS packaged application * .app - iOS application bundle * .mobileprovision - iOS provisioning profile * .provisionprofile - OSX provisioning profile Do not forget to check out these great alternatives: * [Provisioning by Craig Hockenberry](https://github.com/chockenberry/Provisioning) * [ipaql by Rico Becker](http://ipaql.com/)

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ITProgressBar screenshot


ITProgressBar is a very lightweight progress bar replacement for Mac OS X

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GRGlassWindow screenshot


A NSWindow subclass with a beautiful glass-like title bar

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