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Distributed Notifications screenshot

Distributed Notifications

Distributed Notifications using Core Foundation API: CFNotificationCenterGetDistributedCenter. One daemon is a LaunchAgent daemon, who runs as an Agent in OS X status bar. The second daemon is running in the background as a LaunchDaemon. The goal is that the two daemons communicate trouth Notification with each other and also the first Daemon should display a UI in OS X Login Window.

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GUIActivityIndicatorView screenshot


GUIActivityIndicatorView is a CoreAnimation based activity indicator view that mimics the GMail app's

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INSNibLoading screenshot


A UIView/NSView category and a subclass for loading custom view from UINib (xib) files

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CubicBezier screenshot


CubicBezier Generator for Mac

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TetraSliderCell screenshot


Custom NSSlider Cell

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CleanHeaders-Xcode screenshot


A simple iSort like header sorting and duplicate removal plugin for Xcode

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BSMultipleDocumentsWindowController screenshot


Window with tabs and multiple NSDocument instances

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MonkeyForMac screenshot


Monkey is a GitHub third party client,Monkey is a program ape.

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XQuit screenshot


XCode plugin allowing to not quit Xcode instantly / awkwardly

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MPScrollingTextField screenshot


NSTextField subclass with automatic horizontal text scrolling

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