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Resign screenshot


OSX utility to resign the IPA files

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LocalizationManager screenshot


OSX utility app to manage the localization .strings files

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ReflectableEnum screenshot


Reflection for enumerations in Objective-C.

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ProvisioningInfo screenshot


OS X Utility to manage provisioning profiles

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SQLiteInfo screenshot


OS X app that gives information about the size in Kb for each table of a db

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NSView-ESSViewCategory screenshot


a category on NSView that simplifies zoom-transitioning between two NSViews

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PFAboutWindow screenshot


A sleek replacement for the otherwise bleak "About" dialog. Its nice, it looks like xCode (6)'s one, and offers the following abilities : - Open the app's website by clicking its icon - Extend the dialog to show the "License Agreement", or the "Acknowledgments" (aKa "Credits") by clicking on buttons - Localisate every UI element in this window

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CLColorPicker screenshot


Implementation of color picker control which is similar to one that used in original Mac applications like Numbers, Pages, Keynote. Original one has lots of small pictures. This control based on NSSegmentedControl and have numbers of useful thinks to know, so it's not just implementation but also good place to look: How to subclass NSSegmentedCell, how is working NSTrackingArea and how create NSPopover with code.

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LicenseNotice_XcodePlugin screenshot


The LicenseNotice_XcodePlugin is a Xcode 6 plugin,which can attach MIT,Apache,GPL etc,license notice to current source file.

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XCActionBar screenshot


XCActionBar is a general purpose productivity tool to super-power your Xcode experience. You can think of it like Alfred for Xcode, it currently integrates with Menu Bar action, code snippets and comes bundle with a myriad of custom (and extensible) text manipulation actions like: * Sort Selected Lines (asc, desc) * Duplicate Line(s) * Delete Line(s) * Surround selected text with... (lots of stuff here) * Surround each selected line with ... (lots of stuff here) * Add prefix to selected lines * Add suffix to selected lines ... and a lot more!

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