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DejalAppKitCategories screenshot


DejalAppKitCategories is a collection of categories for AppKit on OS X, to add useful methods to classes like NSMenu, NSTableView, NSTextView, and others. - **NSButton+Dejal**: A text color property and a method to display a menu. - **NSImage+Dejal**: Methods to draw flipped images, apply a badge or tint, or get a PNG representation. - **NSMenu+Dejal**: Methods to add and remove items. - **NSOutlineView+Dejal**: Methods for selected items and displaying a menu. - **NSPopUpButton+Dejal**: Methods to add and select items. - **NSScreen+Dejal**: Screen name methods. - **NSSplitView+Dejal**: Methods for split positions and collapsing and expanding. - **NSTableView+Dejal**: Selection, column and copying methods. - **NSTextField+Dejal**: Methods to set values, synchronize with a slider, and resize the window (using autoresizing). - **NSTextView+Dejal**: Properties for string, attributed string and RTF values, methods for length, range, appending, and selection. - **NSToolbar+Dejal**: Methods for the toolbar height and finding an item by identifier. - **NSView+Dejal**: Add a view as a fully-constrained subview, adjust autoresizing, scale, and set the alpha opacity. - **NSWindow+Dejal**: Methods to force editing to end, fade in a window, and adjust the sizing of the window based on a view.

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DejalFoundationCategories screenshot


DejalFoundationCategories is a collection of Foundation-level categories, to add useful methods to classes like NSArray, NSDictionary, NSString, and others. They work on both OS X and iOS. Features -------- - **NSArray+Dejal**: 30+ methods extending `NSArray` and `NSMutableArray`, including object matching, reversal, sorting, deep copying, adding and removing. - **NSAttributedString+Dejal**: 10+ methods extending `NSAttributedString` and `NSMutableAttributedString`, including convenience initializers, RTF and font methods. - **NSData+Dejal**: A couple of methods to make archiving and unarchiving objects slightly more convenient. - **NSDate+Dejal**: 50+ methods extending `NSDate`, including convenience initializers, handy date component properties and calculators, JSON date support, string formatting, and relative date output. - **NSDictionary+Dejal**: 25+ methods extending `NSDictionary` and `NSMutableDictionary`, including object matching, scalar support, deep copying, and more. - **NSFileManager+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending `NSFileManager`, including convenient file attributes, file renaming, and path building. - **NSObject+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending the `NSObject` base class, including key-value conveniences, "equivalent" comparisons, and `performSelector` methods. - **NSString+Dejal**: 80+ methods extending `NSString` and `NSMutableString`, including scalar value formatting, contains evaluation, comparisons, substring and range utilities, reformatting, checksum and encoding utilities, internet utilities, file path methods, and appending and replacing methods. - **NSUserDefaults+Dejal**: 15+ methods extending `NSUserDefaults`, including support for default values, sanitizing values, time intervals, factory settings, and copying preferences.

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CCNStatusItem screenshot


CCNStatusItem is a subclass of NSObject to act as a custom NSStatusItem. It has full support for the class NSStatusBarButton which is provided by NSStatusItem via the button property. Yosemite's dark menu mode will be automatically handled. It supports a customizable statusItemWindow that will manage any NSViewController instance for presenting the content.

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SpotlightFinder screenshot


SpotlightFinder is Spotlight plugin which adds show in Finder option

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MLAutoReplace screenshot


XCode plugin 1.You can use shortcut key Shift+Command+\ to auto re-indent all source of the current edit file. 2.You can custom your own text command to write faster with regex replacer. 3.You can input common getter quickly.

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ScrollingTextView screenshot


Scrolling Text View for About window and usually used as credits

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TSAppKit screenshot


A collection of useful classes for Mac development, including a snazzy preferences window.

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WAYTheDarkSide screenshot


The WAYTheDarkSide class provides several helper methods to handle OS X Yosemite's new Dark Mode!

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WAYSourceListWindow screenshot


The WAYSourceListWindow is a NSWindow subclass, which splits the window space vertically into the master view on the left, and the detail view on the right side as known from apps like Reminders or Notes.

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GRPushSegue screenshot


A custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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