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WAYWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that simplifies Yosemite exclusive features.

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NFSplitViewController screenshot


A simple split view controller for Mac OS X that works

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TTWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that allows you to set a custom tint color for the titlebar

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IPAExporter screenshot


Mac Application used to export IPA from Xcode Archive

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Alpha Channel Remover screenshot

Alpha Channel Remover

Mac OS X Application which allow users to remove alpha (transparency) from images. You can remove alpha channel of multiple files within seconds.

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NCRAutocompleteTextView screenshot


An NSTextView subclass that implements a popover to autocomplete words.

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SimulatorManager screenshot


Simple Mac Application to perform quick access iOS Simulator Application data

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IJSVG screenshot


IJSVG is an open source library created for Mac OS X 10.7+ to render SVG's within your application. It was developed for use with IconJar (in development) and is extremely fast and easy to use.

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GRVibrantTitlebarWindow screenshot


NSWindow with vibrant titlebar

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CBTextFieldView screenshot


A nice little animating textfield/label combo for OSX. Placeholder animates out of the box when it's active or text has been entered.

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