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FlatButton screenshot


Layer based NSButton with Interface Builder exposed style options.

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SwiftCSVExport screenshot


Simple way to export csv file with rich feature framework in Swift.

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CustomDoubleSlider screenshot


CustomDoubleSlider for macOS written in swift 3.0 A double slider uset to select a range. The range is specific created to use for time purpose, but can be adaptad to use anywhere.

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KRActivityIndicatorView screenshot


An activity indicator view for OSX written in Swift, based on Loader.css!

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SwiftyBot screenshot


How to create a Telegram & Facebook Messenger bot with Swift using Vapor on Ubuntu / macOS

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Overlook screenshot


A commandline app that will watch your folder and monitor any changes. When a change occurs, Overlook will execute (or restart) a command you specify. Overlook is platform independent and will work with anything from writing a README file, to developing a service.

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MyTabbedView screenshot


Just plain implementation of tabbed windows, single window app, storyboard, using newWindowForTab: you can drag horizontally tabs to move position and vertically to detach this is provided for free. cmd+t = new tab or just click + in window menu there are provided few options too.

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FBXCodeExtension screenshot


an xcode source editor extension supporting several convenient line manipulation commands such as line deletion, line duplication and line insertion

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RangeSlider screenshot


Simple, clean, and customizable range-based slider control for macOS

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Mark screenshot


Mark is a Xcode Extension that generates MARK comments from any class, struct, extension, enum or protocol declaration in the source file. It also lets you select text from which to generate MARK comments.

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