6434 open source UI components
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XLayout screenshot


🐳 Swift Auto Layout DSL with more lightweight syntax for macOS.

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Crawl screenshot


Keyword-based headline news Crawl app for macOS

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Badonde screenshot


Badonde is a command line tool that combines Git, GitHub, and JIRA, offering as a solution for GitHub projects to define an automatic PR creation workflow.

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Welcome2ProjectKit screenshot


🎯Create a Xcode-like welcome window.

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Predator screenshot


A predator-inspired clock screensaver for macOS | https://predatorsaver.space/

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ExpandingDatePicker screenshot


An NSDatePicker that expands to show a graphical calendar view when focused.

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Enlighten screenshot


💡 An integrated spotlight-based onboarding and help library for macOS, written in Swift.

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ComboColorWell screenshot


A control to pick a color. It has the look & feel of the color control of Apple apps like Pages, Numbers etc.

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MBCircularProgress screenshot


A very customizable progress circle indicator

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SwiftFlyer screenshot


An API wrapper for bitFlyer that supports all providing API for iOS, OSX.

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