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KPCTabsControl screenshot


A multi-tabs control first designed to look and behave like the tab control in Apple's Numbers spreadsheet, with enhanced capabilities, but now with new tab styles, such as Chrome & Safari, as well...

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NFSplitViewController screenshot


A simple split view controller for Mac OS X that works

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TTWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that allows you to set a custom tint color for the titlebar

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DKAsyncImageView screenshot


A Swift subclass of NSImageView for loading remote images asynchronously. * Download images from the Web to DKAsyncImageView asynchronously with just 1 line of code * Set a 'Placheholder Image'...

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IPAExporter screenshot


Mac Application used to export IPA from Xcode Archive

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Alpha Channel Remover screenshot

Alpha Channel Remover

Mac OS X Application which allow users to remove alpha (transparency) from images. You can remove alpha channel of multiple files within seconds.

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NCRAutocompleteTextView screenshot


An NSTextView subclass that implements a popover to autocomplete words.

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SimulatorManager screenshot


Simple Mac Application to perform quick access iOS Simulator Application data

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IJSVG screenshot


IJSVG is an open source library created for Mac OS X 10.7+ to render SVG's within your application. It was developed for use with IconJar (in development) and is extremely fast and easy to use.

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GRVibrantTitlebarWindow screenshot


NSWindow with vibrant titlebar

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CBTextFieldView screenshot


A nice little animating textfield/label combo for OSX. Placeholder animates out of the box when it's active or text has been entered.

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ENTabBarView screenshot


A clean & simple TabBar View for OS X in Objective-C

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YahooClassicalButton screenshot


Yahoo Classical Button is a cocoa version of yahoo flickr classical button.

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AudioRecorder screenshot


A simple app to record, trim and export audio for Mac. Written in Swift and took just 2 days. If you are on IRC, feel free to ping me in #iphonedev/#macdev on freenode. I'm the pretty_functi...

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VMMagnifyComparer screenshot


A magnified comparison between two images. For more information, please refer to https://github.com/void-main/VMMagnifyComparer.

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Peckham screenshot


Peckham is an Xcode plugin that lets you add #import-s from anywhere in the code, thus saving you time and frustration of scrolling up and down the code to add an #import.

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VMBrushImageView screenshot


Brush foreground and background on a NSImageView. For more information, please refer to https://github.com/void-main/VMBrushImageView.

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VMMultiHandleSlider screenshot


A mimic of iPhoto's multi-handle slider. For more information, please check the github repo.

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MAThermometer screenshot


A Progress bar shaped as a thermometer customizable. You can also use it to display temperature !

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DKTuner screenshot


A Tuner control for setting a scalar value, or time or any catalog value.

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xcfui screenshot


Xcode plugin for [fui tool](https://github.com/dblock/fui), which finds unused imports.

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Swift Spaceship Operator screenshot

Swift Spaceship Operator

Contains a Swift file to add the spaceship operator ( `<=>` ) to a project 6.0 <=> 17.0 // Outputs -1 9001.0 <=> 9000.0 // Outputs 1 4.0 <=> 4.0 // Outputs 0 Works on iOS an...

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Glyphish Gallery screenshot

Glyphish Gallery

Browse and search through your Glyphish icons in style. Supports OS X 10.8+.

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PI_EmojiPicker screenshot


Simple NSView or NSViewController based picker for Emoji. I took the wonderful work of AGEmojiKeyboard (https://github.com/ayushgoel/iOS-emoji-keyboard) as a base to create an OS X version. ...

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KPCClipShadowsScrollView screenshot


A simple Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that allows to draw on its top and its bottom small shadow rectangles to provide a subtle and discrete fade effect, for a smoother visual transition.

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