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SwiftCSP screenshot


SwiftCSP is a constraint satisfaction problem solver written in pure Swift (no Cocoa). It utilizes a simple backtracking algorithm with plans for future optimizations. At this stage of development, it's fairly slow but it includes examples of solving actual problems. It runs on both iOS and OS X.

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SpotifyImporter screenshot


Spotify library importer into Apple Music

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PreferencesTabViewController screenshot


PreferencesTabViewController is a NSTabViewController to use into your storyboard to resize automatically the parent window according to selected children tab view.

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DYSwitchXDemo screenshot


DYSwitchX is a iOS UISwitch like for Mac OS X

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FlashLabel screenshot


Simple and Lightweight Timed label for Mac

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Xcode Logger screenshot

Xcode Logger

Xcode Logger is a fast (up to *35x times faster than NSLog), very simple to use, flexible library which provides scheme-based, customizable and colorful (using the Xcode Colors plugin) NSLog replacements. *based on tests comparing NSLog vs XLog's No Header level, average operation time after 5 runs with 5000 iterations per test, per run on a MacBook Pro Retina.

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InfoButton screenshot


Simple and Lightweight Information Button for Mac OSX implemented in Swift

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CKSRecordContext screenshot


Interaction with CloudKit Records done right !

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IPAUploader screenshot


OS X app to manage iOS apps in your HockeyApp account

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JMModalOverlay screenshot


Create easily and display an animated modal overlay with custom content above a window

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