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XCActionBar screenshot


XCActionBar is a general purpose productivity tool to super-power your Xcode experience. You can think of it like Alfred for Xcode, it currently integrates with Menu Bar action, code snippets an...

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BFDirectoryEnumerator screenshot


Enumerate directories in breadth first fashion. iOS and OSX

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Calendar-OSX screenshot


Calendar component for OSX inspired by some free iOS alternatives

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YAProvisioningProfile screenshot


Helper class for easily exploring the contents of a .mobileprovisioningprofile

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DejalIntervalPicker screenshot


`DejalIntervalPicker` is a custom Mac control similar to `NSDatePicker`, but for time intervals or ranges. Features -------- - A custom control with an amount or amount range, units, and ste...

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DejalObject screenshot


An abstract data model class that can represent subclasses as dictionary or JSON data for saving to disk or over the network. For both OS X and iOS. Features -------- - **DejalObject**: Thi...

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Modern Look screenshot

Modern Look

ModernLook-OSX is the amalgamation of different ideas found all around the net discussing about how to achieve the look of application rewritten by Apple for Yosemite. So there is nothing revolu...

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ScheduleKit screenshot


ScheduleKit is a new graphical event management framework for Mac OS X that provides a great way to display a set of event-like objects (with basically starting date and duration properties) either...

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DFColorWell screenshot


An implementation of the colour well seen in Pages 5, Numbers 3 and Keynote 6. Podspec on the way.

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CCNPreferencesWindowController screenshot


CCNPreferencesWindowController is an Objective-C subclass of NSWindowController that automatically manages your custom view controllers for handling app preferences.

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AppleRemoteFramework screenshot


Use the Apple Remote to control your OS X apps.

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DejalAppKitCategories screenshot


DejalAppKitCategories is a collection of categories for AppKit on OS X, to add useful methods to classes like NSMenu, NSTableView, NSTextView, and others. - **NSButton+Dejal**: A text color prop...

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DejalFoundationCategories screenshot


DejalFoundationCategories is a collection of Foundation-level categories, to add useful methods to classes like NSArray, NSDictionary, NSString, and others. They work on both OS X and iOS. Feat...

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CCNStatusItem screenshot


CCNStatusItem is a subclass of NSObject to act as a custom NSStatusItem. It has full support for the class NSStatusBarButton which is provided by NSStatusItem via the button property. Yosemite's da...

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SpotlightFinder screenshot


SpotlightFinder is Spotlight plugin which adds show in Finder option

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MLAutoReplace screenshot


XCode plugin 1.You can use shortcut key Shift+Command+\ to auto re-indent all source of the current edit file. 2.You can custom your own text command to write faster with regex replacer. 3...

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ScrollingTextView screenshot


Scrolling Text View for About window and usually used as credits

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TSAppKit screenshot


A collection of useful classes for Mac development, including a snazzy preferences window.

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SwiftGraph screenshot


SwiftGraph is a pure Swift (no Cocoa) implementation of a graph data structure, appropriate for use on both iOS and OS X projects. It includes support for weighted, unweighted, directed, and undire...

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MABSlider (Swift) screenshot

MABSlider (Swift)

Custom Slider for OS X using Swift

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WAYTheDarkSide screenshot


The WAYTheDarkSide class provides several helper methods to handle OS X Yosemite's new Dark Mode!

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Crackers screenshot


Simple network library in Swift, for iOS and OSX

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WAYSourceListWindow screenshot


The WAYSourceListWindow is a NSWindow subclass, which splits the window space vertically into the master view on the left, and the detail view on the right side as known from apps like Reminders or...

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GRPushSegue screenshot


A custom NSStoryboardSegue to make a nice iOS-like push transition.

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WAYWindow screenshot


NSWindow subclass that simplifies Yosemite exclusive features.

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