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WatchCon screenshot


WatchCon is a tool which enables creating easy connectivity between iOS and WatchOS.

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DragDropCollection screenshot


Custom UICollectionView allowing cells to be dragged, dropped and deleted.

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CollectionViewCustom screenshot


Custom CollectionViewLayout with a custom paging size by overriding scrollViewWillEndDragging

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FR76SegmentedControl screenshot


iOS SegmentedControl Subclass

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BubblePictures screenshot


Framework for iOS to show Bubble like pictures.

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WatchShaker screenshot


Simple motion detector for ⌚️ (watchOS) shake gesture.

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SPParallaxTableView screenshot


paralax views with tableViewCell

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ActionCell screenshot


Easy to use UITableViewCell implementing swiping to trigger actions (known from the Mailbox App)

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FontDownload screenshot


Download the Font. Demonstrates how to download fonts on demand on iOS 6 and later. On iOS 6, we have added the capability for applications to download fonts on demand. Besides the fonts inst...

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CMPageControl screenshot


Customisable Page Control

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