Control of the Week

Aaron Brethorst, January 16, 2012

Welcome to another edition of Control of the Week! We’ve published some great new controls on here this week, under the watchful eye of our new logo (I dig it; what do you think?): seven cool new tools for iOS developers to use to enhance, beautify and simplify their apps. You’ll hear more about them on Tuesday when I publish the weekly roundup to the blog, or you can get it a day early by subscribing to our spam-free, totally awesome newsletter (the signup box is just over there on the right).

My favorite new component this week is from Matt Coneybeare, the developer of the highly-acclaimed app, Ambiance. UAModalPanel is an easy-to-use, nifty replacement for more traditional modal view controllers. It works on both iPhone and iPad, and is a terrific way to spruce up your app. I want to give Matt a big ‘thanks!’ for developing something so well-thought out, and then giving it away for free.

Check out the control, or watch a demo on YouTube first -