Weekly Roundup

Aaron Brethorst, July 02, 2012

Welcome to another exciting edition of the Cocoa Controls weekly roundup! No really, I am excited. We have a ton of cool stuff to show you this week, with inspirations ranging from Sparrow, Hipmunk, Pinterest, and one control I’ve never seen in any iOS app before.

happy coding!


A GridView which allows you to set individual rects for the cells. So you can define cells with different sizes. Used for e.g. in timetables, EPGs, etc. Similar to the UI used in Hipmunk. MIT licensed.

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An NSSavePanel wrapper for image save dialogs, similar to those in Preview.app. MIT licensed.

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Give pull-to-refresh & infinite scrolling to any UITableView with 1 line of code. MIT licensed.

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Our control of the week, CircleView, was written by Bharath2020 (is that sort of like André 3000?), a developer in Silicon Valley. His awesome control demonstrates how to adapt the stodgy, old UITableView into a gorgeous semi-circular scroller. MIT licensed.

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A scrolling view having many cells in different heights and in columns for iOS, just like Pinterest. Unspecified license.

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A simple signature view that presents a signature box and returns a finger drawn signature (PNG format) as NSData. Unspecified license.

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A slide-out menu similar to the one used in Sparrow on iOS. Unspecified license.

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