Control of the Week: PPRevealSideViewController

by Aaron Brethorst | June 18, 2012

I know you’ve seen view controllers that mimic the Path/Facebook view controller reveal effect before. What differentiates our control of the week, PPRevealSideViewController, is that it appears to be ridiculously easy to use. This is a container controller for presenting side views like in the Path or Facebook applications. It is really simple to use, like a UINavigationController. It works on both iPhone and iPad, is really easy to setup and lot of options are available.


WWDC Rumor Scoring

by Aaron Brethorst | June 12, 2012

So, how’d I do on the WWDC rumor-mongering? Let’s have a look:

For sure:

  • iOS 6 and a beta of iOS 6 for developers YEP
  • Improvements to iCloud YEP
  • Facebook integration in iOS YEP
  • Tons and tons of awesome new APIs YEP!!
  • Mountain L...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | June 11, 2012

Hi everyone – it’s a big week for everyone in the iOS and OS X development community: a couple hours after our mailing list readers see this, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and a variety of others will have given the WWDC keynote address. For everyone else, the keynote will be over by the time you see this (HINT: join our mailing list!)

In other news, we deployed a big update to Cocoa Controls over the weekend. The website should ...

Control of the Week: Scroller

by Aaron Brethorst | June 11, 2012

Our control of the week this week is ‘Scroller’ from Raw Engineering. Raw Engineering, you may recall, are the nice folks who wrote the original library I used for my Twitter iPad Ux post last year

Scroller is a novel way to interact with a list of data (specifically address book data in their demo). MIT licensed.

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | June 04, 2012

Hi all – We have a really terrific batch of controls for you this week. I know I must sound like a broken record at times, but I am thoroughly impressed with both the technical acumen and the unbounded generosity of the Cocoa developer community. You people really are fantastic :)

On another note, I want to invite you to submit tutorials or other content for inclusion in our blog. We feature tons of great controls from you every week, and would love to have the opportunity to pres...

Control of the Week: XYOrigami

by Aaron Brethorst | June 04, 2012

Our control of the week is from the ridiculously talented Xiaoyang Feng (no really, go look at his portfolio, he’s unbelievable). XYOrigami is an simple and easy-to-use view transition for iOS app. Inspired by Hon Cheng’s next train video, XYOrigami is a simpler version of folding transition. It is an add-on category of UIView, with two functions you can animate showing/h...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | May 28, 2012

Hi everyone, and welcome to our latest weekly roundup. We have a pair of projects for you from Synthetic, the makers of Hipstamatic, and another pair from Derek Yang, including our control of the week.

We’re only two weeks from the start of WWDC, and if you’re lucky enough to be going this year, I highly recommend reading Jeff LaMarche’s comprehen...

Control of the Week: DYNavigationController

by Aaron Brethorst | May 28, 2012

Our control of the week, DYNavigationController, from Derek Yang (check out his blog, it’s great), is a Backboard inspired iOS control that enables navigation among UIViews based on swipe gestures.

With DYNavigationController, one can simply push and pop UIViews by swiping left or right. It makes it easy to create chromeless iOS apps. New BSD licensed...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | May 22, 2012

Hello everyone, and apologies for the delayed weekly roundup. I wasn’t feeling my best and needed to take the day off.

Also, on May 26th, enforcement of the cookie law from the EU Data Protection Act of 1998 will begin, and we are looking at how to adapt Cocoa Controls for compliance. This should only affect you if you live in an Ewe ember state. If you do, we will have to ask your permission to use cookies on the site when you visit us.

Currently, we are using cookies for ...

Control of the Week: MPFoldTransition

by Aaron Brethorst | May 22, 2012

Our control of the week, MPFoldTransition, was authored by Mark Pospesel, an iOS developer in the Washington DC area. MPFoldTransition allows you to easily add custom folding transitions to UIViews and UIViewControllers. The license is described as being similar to New BSD, but with a special attribution clause.

Mark has also authored two great blog posts related to the control. The first one covers the