Weekly Roundup, 01/02/12

by Aaron Brethorst | January 02, 2012

Happy New Year, and happy birthday to Cocoa Controls! The site was launched on January 3, 2011, and has grown beyond my wildest expectations from a year ago. Thank you so much for showing up, using the controls you find here, submitting new content, and just generally being the most awesome community I could possibly hope for.

Here’s to a terrific 2012!




Control of the Week, 12/30

by Aaron Brethorst | January 01, 2012

Happy New Year, and welcome to another control of the week post! We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff posted here over the past week, but my personal favorite offers you another UI element from one of the best new apps of the past couple months: Path 2.0.

Meet TimeScroller for iOS, which lets you declutter your UI by moving posted times out of your table cells and onto a snazzy clock overlay. As always it’s...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | December 27, 2011

Hello everyone, and welcome to this belated holiday weekly roundup! I’m sure you all understand that sometimes these things happen when you wwebsite as on the Internet.

I’ve been hard at work adding videos to all of our controls demoing their functionality. It’ll probably be a while before they all have videos, but I’ll be going back through the existing catalog in rating order while simultaneously adding videos to new controls that are published, which should hi...

Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | December 27, 2011

Happy holidays everyone, and welcome to an extremely belated Control of the Week post! But you know how it goes sometimes when you wwebsite as on the Internet. This past week saw some interesting controls, but my personal favorite was F3BarGauge, which provides you with several different styles of digital gauges like you might see on an audio mixing board. I can imagine a number of places where the peak hold indicator esp...

Weekly Roundup

by Aaron Brethorst | December 19, 2011

Hi folks, and welcome to another Cocoa Controls Weekly Roundup! We have seven cool new iOS controls for your perusal this week, including my personal favorite (and control of the week), SBTickerView.


This control, licensed under the GPL, makes it super easy to render a reflection under an arbitrary image.


Control of the Week, 12/16

by Aaron Brethorst | December 19, 2011

Howdy and welcome to another (slightly delayed) control of the week post! This week I want to highlight SBTickerView, which gives you a really easy-to-use, highly flexible take on the awesome Flipboard ‘flip’ animation.

SBTickerView allows you to flip arbitrary views, which means you can flip an individual UIImageView, your view controller’s entire view, or anything else! This control, written by Simon Blomme...

Weekly Roundup 12/12

by Aaron Brethorst | December 12, 2011

Welcome to another weekly roundup! We have a bunch of cool stuff for iOS developers this week, including another Facebook view controller slider, and a couple snazzy Twitter-related controls. If you read the Control of the Week post, you already know about one of the Twitter-related items, and if you don’t read them, you should!


Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | December 10, 2011

A few days ago, I came across Ken Matsui’s MFDoorwayTransition project on GitHub. I thought it offered a really gorgeous way to transition from one app area to another. Say, for instance, you want to clearly delineate your app’s login experience from the main functionality in a way that’s more interesting than simply hiding a modal view controller. For this sort of scenario, MFDoorwayTransition ...

Weekly Roundup 12/05

by Aaron Brethorst | December 05, 2011

Welcome back to another weekly roundup! Another week, another seven awesome controls (and icon set!) for your perusal, edification, and iOS app-enhancement. We have some neat stuff for you, ranging from an icon set, MapKit extensions, a feature cloned from an awesome new app, and more!


This is an OS X control that mimics the editable image well found in the Users System Preferences pane. It ...

Control of the Week

by Aaron Brethorst | December 03, 2011

Welcome back to another edition of ‘Control of the Week!’ As you’ll see in the roundup, coming out in a couple days, we’ve seen a ton of great, new content over the past week, but one control in particular really stands out.

You might have seen TechCrunch’s post on Tuesday about the new Path 2.0 app. I did, and I was absolutely blown away ...