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SimpleParallax screenshot


Beautiful & simple parallax effects for your UI. 🌁 Perfect for Onboarding & Login/Signup screens - Recreate the well-known iOS wallpaper animation by dividing your ViewController in background, middleground and foreground elements which each receive different motionEffects.

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BackgroundCoreDataSwift4 screenshot


This Project looks like nothing in the UI but it covers an important and complex topic in CoreData , i.e, writing data to Database in background thread so that UI does not get blocked. It uses Swift4 with a lot of reduction in boilerplate code. It also implements using a single managedobjectcontext.

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SimpleButton screenshot


Simple UIButton subclass with additional state change animations (e.g. backgroundColor) and missing features

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LaunchScreenSnapshot screenshot


Protects sensitive data in your app snapshot.

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NightView screenshot


Dazzling Nights on iOS. NightView is an open source library that generates beautiful, random, starry skies on iOS.

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KBImageView screenshot


UIImageView with Ken Burns effect.

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SKAsyncGLViewController screenshot


SKAsyncGLViewController. Ready to use GCD-based OpenGL stack for iOs.

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BIZSelectedBackgroundForTabBarItem screenshot


BIZSelectedBackgroundForTabBarItem is a category for UITabBarController that adds ability to change background of UITabBar item.

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PSDCell screenshot


A simple blured table view cell with a circular image, a title and a subtitle

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MXParallaxBackground screenshot


MXParallaxBackground is a simple background class for UIScrolView.

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AbstractView screenshot


AbstractView is a simple UIView subclass that you can use as a background view to give some flavor compared to having just a plain white background.

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JMCRainbow screenshot


UIView extension for generating 'rainbow' background.

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himbo screenshot


A simple iOS App to create mono colored backgrounds. Written in Swift and supporting 3D Touch on iPhone 6s.

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FFBackgroundParallax screenshot


Background Parallax is a simple example for parallax scrolling based on several UIScrollViews.

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AlecrimAsyncKit screenshot


Bringing async and await to Swift world with some flavouring.

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DZVideoPlayerViewController screenshot


iOS Video Player control with playback controls, remote control center commands, background playback, now playing info updates. Implemented with AVPlayer, supports both online and offline videos. Highly customizable with Interface Builder.

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AMGSoundManager screenshot


Awesome singleton sound manager for Objective C

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Transporter screenshot


A tiny library makes uploading and downloading easier

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PHFParallaxBackgroundCell screenshot


Framework with animate background cell to create a parallax effect with remote or local images. Each cell can be a different offset.

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JMSwiftBackgroundCameraView screenshot


Use a front or back camera on backgroundView in your app. This is perfect for Logins or Welcome screens. It's the same that JMBackgroundCameraView but this is in Swift.

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JMBackgroundCameraView screenshot


Use a front or back camera on backgroundView in your app. This is perfect for Logins or Welcome screens.

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