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HideAndSeek Desktop screenshot

HideAndSeek Desktop

Hide/Show your Desktop Icons on your Mac Easily with one click or one shortcut (Cmd+Opt+H). It will avoid you to write the command line to hide or show every time and can be automated with shortcut.

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iConnectStore screenshot


an app for Mac which can manager your iOS developer account

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iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate) screenshot

iOS app Signer(multi-file synchronization signature, auto register device and download profile and certificate)

an macOS app that use for iOS app resign, you can resign muti-file synchronization, and it support to export the file in app bundle, you can also replace the icon for ipa or app without jailbreak . now you can register new devices and creat the certificate and profile with this tool, in project , it used iOS-appStore-connect-api.

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LNPreviewToContextMenu screenshot


LNPreviewToContextMenu is a framework for automatically transforming your existing 3D Touch Peek&Pop preview controllers and actions into the new UIContextMenu system in iOS 13.

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RangeControl screenshot


RangeControl is a UIControl element that allows selecting values in the range from min to max values. Could be used for video or audio tracks trimming.

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EFIconFont screenshot


Yet another stupid wrapper of icon font.

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TactileSlider screenshot


Slider that can be dragged from any point within its bounds, similar to those in Control Center and

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LiveFader screenshot


@IBDesignable Horizontal or vertical UIControl subclass that can start from bottom or middle of the control.

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FluidHighlighter screenshot


FluidHighlighter easily implements the Fluid Interface based highlighting effect on UIView and UIControl

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CircleControl screenshot


Circle control is customizable via interface builder or code

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RulerControl screenshot


RulerControl is a draggable, resizable UIControl that provides real world length measurement.

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UnderLineTextField screenshot


simple UITextField with error warning states

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VSVerticalSlider screenshot


An animatable and customizable vertical slider written in Swift4.

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GradientSlider screenshot


Gradient slider using uicontrol

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SimpleCheckbox screenshot


A simple Checkbox

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UltraWeekCalendar screenshot


Clean and simple UI calendar control to select day through weeks

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PMSuperButton screenshot


PMSuperButton is a powerful UIButton coming from the countryside, but with super powers! 😎 A easy way to create custom and complex buttons with custom attributes, directly added to the iOS Interface Builder, very easy to integrate in every project! The library allow you to use all the features of standard UIButton with a lot of new cool features, customizable from Storyboard or from code. Top 100 Coolest Super Powers: - Edit everything directly from storyboard or code 😏 - Change border color, width - Customize the corner radius - Set a gradient background - Edit everything about the shadows: color, opacity, offset - Animations when the button is highlighted 🤗 - Animations when the button is selected - Ripple tap effect, where you can edit ripple color and ripple speed (like a Google Material button) 😮 - Toggle functionality - Image View content mode and alpha - Touch up inside closure 🤠 - Loader 🤜🤛 - and many more

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LGButton screenshot


A fully customisable subclass of the native UIControl which allows you to create beautiful buttons without writing any line of code.

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SimpleButton screenshot


Simple UIButton subclass with additional state change animations (e.g. backgroundColor) and missing features

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MBIcons screenshot


MBIcons contains over 200 icons that can be resized at any dimensions because they are drown by code

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AASegmentedControl screenshot


AASegmentedControl is lightweight and easy-to-use customised segmented controls, written in Swift.

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