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Parchment screenshot


A paging view controller with a highly customizable menu. Built on UICollectionView, with support for custom layouts and infinite data sources.

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AZSafariCollectionViewLayout screenshot


AZSafariCollectionViewLayout is replica of safari browser history page layout. very easy to use, IBInspectable are given for easy integration

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DragAndDrop-iOS11 screenshot


Demonstrates how to enable and implement drag and drop for a table view and image view.

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ERProgressHud-ObjectiveC screenshot


A simple ProgressHud written in ObjectiveC. Five different kinds of ProgressHud is implemented to use. Very easy to customize. There are various options like ProgressHud with title, without title, ...

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ILSParallaxHeader screenshot


Custom UIView subclass header for UITableView with parallax effect on images.

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FlyoverKit screenshot


Perform a 360° Flyover on an MKMapView

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VKTableView screenshot


PS: Please click on the Download Source and have a look at the GIF attached there to get a better idea of this project. Hi! I was working on an app where I had to show information about 10-12 diff...

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Assessment View screenshot

Assessment View

Collection view which scrolls both horizontal and vertical

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ILSParallaxCollectionView screenshot


Simple example for adding parallax header on UITableview

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AMVennDiagramView screenshot


AMVennDiagramView is a view can display the diagram like Venn diagram. It displays two circles whose area ratio is almost an accurate.

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LMGraphView screenshot


LMGraphView is a simple and customizable graph view for iOS.

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InstagramHomeFeedClone screenshot


This project is a clone of Instagram Home Feed using Storyboard and minimalistic code written in Swift4. This project is a part of whole Instagram clone I am working on. I felt HomeFeed is one of t...

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ZMJTipView screenshot


Fully customisable tooltip view in Objective-C for iOS.

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ZMJGanttChart screenshot


Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS applications. With this framework, you can easily create complex layouts like schedule, gantt chart or timetable as if you are using Excel.

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VDSFlipAnimations screenshot


Flip animate any view by adding the VDSFlipAnimation Class to your project and call the animations in any view as extension. e.g.: profileImageView.flipLeft() profileImageView.flipRight() ...

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TLFloatLabelTextField screenshot


A Beautiful and flexible text field control(along with the bottom line) implementation of "Float Label Pattern". Written in Swift.

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AMJpnMapView screenshot


It can display a simple map of Japan.

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KRTournamentView screenshot


KRTournamentView is a flexible tournament bracket that can respond to the various structure on iOS.

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TweetTextView screenshot


This is a custom NSTextView to heighlight username hashtag and link.

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AMClockView screenshot


AMClockView is a view can select time.

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TTabBarViewController screenshot


Custom UITabBarController class which draw line indicator with custom color above or below the selected tab bar item using 'selectionIndicatorImage' property on the UITabBar class

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HGRippleRadarView screenshot


A beautiful radar view to show nearby users with ripple animation, fully customizable

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CITreeView screenshot


CITreeView created to implement and maintain that wanted TreeView structures for IOS platforms easy way.

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AMPagerTabs screenshot


Pager tabs for iOS

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