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GLTapLabelDemo screenshot


This is a custom UILabel view controller for iOS that works just like a regular UILabel, except allow to the user to tap on certains words.

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TimeScroller screenshot


A UI Element that hovers beside the scroll bar of a UITableView (Mimicking the Path app).

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PKRevealController screenshot


Introducing PKRevealController 2 - The second version of one of the most popular view controller containers for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another. It is easy t...

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Web Browser View Controller screenshot

Web Browser View Controller

iPhone apps often have the need to show a web page, and the easiest way to implement this is to have the page opened in Safari. The problem with this, is that now your customer is stuck in Safari, ...

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CLKeypad screenshot


CLKeypad is a customized iPhone keyboard NumberPad with a customized toolbar. It has the same function as UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad except that CLKeypad provide an extra decimal point button. You can...

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EmailableCell screenshot


EmailableCell is a UITableViewCell subclass for making cells containing email addresses copyable and it enables users to send email to that addresses using the iPhone’s default Mail application.

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SSIndicatorLabel screenshot


This control displays an indicator to the left when something is load and animates it away when it stops loading.

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QuadCurveMenu screenshot


Path 2.0-style menu with animation group.

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BJImageCropper screenshot


A simple UIView subclass that allows a user to crop an image by dragging around an area.

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KenBurnsView screenshot


Generates a 'Ken Burns' transition effect for UIImages.

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SVStatusHUD screenshot


SVStatusHUD mimics the HUD shown on orientation lock, mute and volume change on iOS. It should only be used in response to hardware or other important notifications (for instance when an accessory ...

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LBGradient screenshot


LBGradient is "NSGradient" for iOS. I didn't feel like writing 10 lines for one gradient all the time so I wrote this.

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PickerTableViewCell screenshot


UIPickerView as a keyboard view for UITableViewCell.

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BALabel screenshot


BALabel extends UILabel and adds some very useful features. You can align text vertically to the top, center and bottom edge, specify margins for text inside the label (useful for table headers) an...

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HZActivityIndicatorView screenshot


A highly customizable drop-in replacement for UIActivityIndicatorView

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AUIAnimatedText screenshot


A drop-in UILabel replacement that makes almost all text properties animatable by using a CATextLayer instead of CALayer. The important animatable properties are textColor, text, font and fontSize.

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DOAutocompleteTextField screenshot


DOAutocompleteTextField is a subclass of UITextField that provide the user with autocompleted text, similar to the URL bar on major browsers and Google Suggest.

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AlertPickerView screenshot


Picker control embedded in an alert view.

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SMHeadedList screenshot


Create a list with a header section like Game Center on iOS 5.

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UIExpandableTableView screenshot


UIExpandableTableView is a UITableView subclass that gives you easy access to expandable and collapsable sections by just implementing a few more delegate and dataSource protocols.

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RBFilePreviewer screenshot


RBFilePreviewer is a wrapper around Apple's QLPreviewController. Ease of use is its primary design. It can be dropped into any project and used right away. Unlike QLPreviewController, RBFilePreview...

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