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SFTabView screenshot


A fully customizable Cocoa Tab view for use with Mac OS X 10.6 or above.

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AutoResizingEditableTableViewCell screenshot


iOS UITableViewCell that automatically adjusts its height as you enter text.

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SSMessagesViewController screenshot


iOS style table view controller.

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EGOPhotoViewer screenshot


Quick PhotoViewer for the iPhone. Built upon EGOImageLoading and EGOCache.

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MBCoverFlowView screenshot


An open-source implementation of the Cover Flow interface found in iTunes, Finder, etc. for Mac OS X.

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MGSplitViewController screenshot


A flexible, advanced split-view controller for iPad developers.

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JHTickerView screenshot


A custom ticker view for creating a news ticker type control

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KVPasscodeViewController screenshot


A view controller that lets you enter 4 digit pass codes. It supports animations for invalid entries and to confirm entries.

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EPGLTransitionView screenshot


OpenGL ES view for animating a view transition.

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NWPickerField screenshot


A combo box like control for the iPhone.

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GCPagedScrollView screenshot


Simple UIScrollView subclass that automatically handle UIPageControl and paged content. You can have a paged UIScrollView with UIPageControl in almost no time.

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MyStyledView screenshot


A generic styled view class for rendering simple graphics on the desktop. Styling is exposed through properties on the view. It has support for a fill color and gradient, with the gradient composited on top, and individual properties for top and bottom edges, as well as highlights. The left and right edges have gradient properties instead of colors. It also supports drawing inner shadows thanks to Sean Patrick-O’Brien and his awesome bezier path category. And I recently added support for stretchable background images exposed through a leftCapWidth and topCapHeight property.

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JAViewController screenshot


A subclass of NSViewController that's actually useful.

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DTGridView screenshot


A two-dimensional scrolling view component for the iPhone, heavily inspired by UITableView.

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V8HorizontalPickerView screenshot


Horizontal UIPickerView Control for iOS.

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TSAlertView screenshot


UIAlertView drop-in replacement. Supports stacked buttons, input fields, user-configurable size, and more.

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PopupView screenshot


PopupView for iOS, like UICalloutView.

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FlipCardNavigationView screenshot


A novel 'flip card' style of navigating between different views in an iPhone app.

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CLCascade screenshot


CLCascade is a library to create twitter-like UI in iPad apps created by TEAM.

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ILGeoNamesSearchController screenshot


ILGeoNamesSearchController is a custom UITableViewController which supports online searching for named locations through the free service. ILGeoNamesSearchController is part of the ILGeoNames framework

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DLWebView screenshot


A `UIViewController` subclass that can be used as a drop-in browser component.

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