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PNTToolbar screenshot


Simple class which adds Safari like toolbar to keyboard and handles switching between input fields.

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PCProgressView screenshot


A simple rounded progress view for OS X which is customisable. - Background line colour - Background line width - Progress line colour - Progress line width - Animation duration and of co...

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UIBarButtonItem-Badge screenshot


This is a UIBarButtonItem category to add a badge icon on any UIBarButtonItem. follow me on twitter : <a href="">@mikeMTOL</a>

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ASProgressPopUpView screenshot


A progress view showing percentage complete in an easy to customize animated popup view. If you supply an array of UIColors, the popup view will animate the color change as the progress bar updates.

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GraphKit screenshot


A lightweight library of animated charts for iOS. Super easy to customize individual bar/line color, animation durations and more. Demo: pod try GraphKit

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BKSegmentedViewController screenshot


One viewController can display multiple viewController, works like Tabbar or set of UIButton can placed anywhere by just connecting segues.

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MKToggleButton screenshot


A binary toggle button that looks like the iOS7 toolbar toggles. This button draws a rounded-rect button that fills in when selected.

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BROptionsButton screenshot


Amazing options button for your UITabBar, with very beautiful dynamic animation. Pimp your tabBar You saw Yelp® app and impressed by the central button animtaion ? Now you can have even better a...

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PCSideBarController screenshot


UIViewController which provide navigation via a side bar. Side bar items are to select view controller and manage also actions buttons.

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MWKProgressIndicator screenshot


A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

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BFNavigationBarDrawer screenshot


A UIToolbar subclass that can easily be displayed below a UINavigationBar, similarly to the playlist view in the Music app.

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MWViewsContainer screenshot


Lightweight Views container with top bar with customizable options pod 'MWViewsContainer'

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XHScrollMenu screenshot


XHScrollMenu is a display column elements, base on NetEase News App.

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JJTabBarController screenshot


Custom tab bar controller with support for: * Personalize your TabBar. * Built-in transitions. * Choose the TabBar orientation. * Storyboard integration. * Easily add new actions for the Tab...

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Tesseract screenshot


Tesseract OCR iOS is a Framework for iOS5+, compiled also for armv7s and arm64. iOS7 Ready. Tesseract is probably the most accurate open source OCR engine available. Combined with the Leptonica ...

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BBBadgeBarButtonItem screenshot


Create a BarButtonItem with a badge on top. Easily customizable. Your BarButtonItem can be any custom view you wish for. The badge on top can display any number or string of any size or length. Re...

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IDScrollableTabBar screenshot


Custom scrollable tab bar that highlights selected item like under magnifying glass. You can customize it as you wish! More information: h...

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APDropDownNavToolbar screenshot


iOS7 Messages App style toolbar that drops down from navigation bar when tapping on the UIBarButton item.

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KFToolbar screenshot


An easy to setup and use toolbar that can contain KFToolbarItems (what is actually a wrapper for NSButtons).

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RNBlurredSideViewController screenshot


RNBlurredSideViewController is a side view controller with a dynamic blurred background effect when swiping similar to the iOS 7 control center. It can be used to show views on the side like the Fa...

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CRToast screenshot


A modern iOS toast view that can fit your notification needs

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