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Pie Menu screenshot

Pie Menu

A pie menu implementation specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch

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KSPopoverView screenshot


A pulldown menu UI for iOS.

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TDSemiModal screenshot


Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS.

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WToast screenshot


Info messages for iOS inspired by Android Toast object.

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AMOptionMenu screenshot


A multi-option popup menu, similar to Xcode's "Overview" toolbar item. - Multiple controls can be driven by the same data source - Setting state via key-value coding - Populating a standard NSMenu instead of/addition to popup buttons - Optional short titles for summaries - Explicitly or automatically limiting the number of items in the summary. - Instantiating controls from code or nib - Loading data from code or external plists

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TESetupAssistant screenshot


Cocoa class that allows for the fast and simple creation of OS X setup assistants that can be used as interfaces for installers, initial application setups, and more.

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Sparkle screenshot


An easy-to-use software update framework for Cocoa developers.

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SFBPopovers screenshot


This framework implements popover windows- windows that, to the user, logically belong to another window are visually attached to the parent window.

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TSAlertView screenshot


UIAlertView drop-in replacement. Supports stacked buttons, input fields, user-configurable size, and more.

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PopupView screenshot


PopupView for iOS, like UICalloutView.

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WEPopover screenshot


Generic popover implementation for iOS with same API as the UIPopoverController for the iPad, but configurable with custom background and available for iPhone as well.

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CMPopTipView screenshot


Custom UIView for iOS that pops up an animated "bubble" pointing at a button or other view. Useful for popup tips.

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TapKu Alerts with Images screenshot

TapKu Alerts with Images

Alert overlays that can contain text and images.

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