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ButtonPeoplePicker screenshot


An iPhone UI contact picker to select multiple people from the Address Book, with type-ahead and auto-completion.

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PickerTableViewCell screenshot


UIPickerView as a keyboard view for UITableViewCell.

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COPeoplePickerViewController screenshot


Re-implementation of the email address picker of iCal (work in progress). Currently supports only email picking but can be easily extended.

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SSPhotoCropperViewController screenshot


SSPhotoCropperViewController is a custom view controller that provides a simple, configurable and easy-to-use UI for cropping and scaling photos in iPhone apps.

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AlertPickerView screenshot


Picker control embedded in an alert view.

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IL Color Picker screenshot

IL Color Picker

Photoshop style color picker for iOS. Doesn't use images, very lightweight and complete. Source includes two controls that work in unison with each other to provide users the ability to pick co...

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RSColorPicker screenshot


Easy to use, simple to customize. HSV Color picker for iPhone and iPad. Uses delegation and allows full control over brightness.

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ELCImagePickerController screenshot


A clone of the UIImagePickerController using the Assets Library Framework allowing for multiple asset selection.

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PresetColorPicker screenshot


Preset color picker for iOS

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TDSemiModal screenshot


Semi-modal view & DatePicker for IOS.

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ANColorPicker screenshot


Use this simple colour picker to get colors that a user picks. The color picker must be a certain size, and requires several images files in the bundle's package contents.

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ALPickerView screenshot


ALPickerView is an attempt to mime the multiple selection behavior of Cocoa Touch's UIPickerView (as seen in Mobile Safari).

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NWPickerField screenshot


A combo box like control for the iPhone.

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V8HorizontalPickerView screenshot


Horizontal UIPickerView Control for iOS.

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CMTextStylePicker screenshot


iOS view controller tree for presenting a text font/size/colour picker to user. It is also possible to use the font or colour selectors separately.

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SSRatingPickerViewController screenshot


A simple view controller for rating stuff like App

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