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SHSidebarController screenshot


A sidebar controller with a folding effect

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YIFullScreenScroll screenshot


Pinterest-like scroll-to-fullscreen UI for iOS

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Chrome Progress Bar screenshot

Chrome Progress Bar

A custom progress bar with Google Chrome style

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PSMTabBarControl screenshot


PSMTabBarControl remains the best way to have Safari-style tabs in your app. This fork makes it easy to use PSMTabBarControl when developing apps for 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 using Xcode 4. It is also ...

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GHSidebarNav screenshot


A clone of the new Facebook iOS UI paradigm; a sidebar navigation table that is revealed by sliding the main content panel to the right. The search goes full-screen and everything supports the stan...

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FRD3DBarChart screenshot


A 3D bar chart control made with GLKit.

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KOAProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS 5.0+

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BWStatusBarOverlay screenshot


BWStatusBarOverlay is a custom status bar overlay window. It support touch by setting a block that will be called after touch. It work well on both iPad and iPhone and of course in any orientation.

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WKVerticalScrollBar screenshot


A traditional-style scrollbar for iOS that integrates with existing UIScrollView or UIScrollView subclasses.

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RNSwipeBar screenshot


A replacement for UIToolbars and UITabBars. Add your widgets and buttons for a given view to the bar, and users can swipe it up to expose its contents.

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MFSideMenu screenshot


A sidebar slide-out menu for iOS inspired by the Facebook iOS App

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DMTabBar screenshot


DMTabBar is a simple segmented control / bar that mimics the XCode 4 Inspector segmented control.

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InspectorTabBar screenshot


Tab bar like in the Xcode inspector

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VSTabBar screenshot


A custom Tab Bar write from scratch VSTabBar is fully customizable: * All colors could be changed (Background, Foreground, gradient selection, current selection item, etc.), * Showing/Unshow...

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TYIndeterminateProgressBar screenshot


An Oink-like indeterminate progress bar.

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NGTabBarController screenshot


A custom TabBarController which can be positioned on the bottom, top, left or top. Utilizes iOS 5 Containment API if possible, but works on iOS 4 too. The TabBar is fully customizable with a tintCo...

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FSVerticalTabBarController screenshot


This project aims to replicate UITabBarController functionality and behavior, but with a vertical tab bar.

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RNExpandingButtonBar screenshot


Inspiration for this button bar came from the app Path in which they practically removed the need for a UITabBar by adding a button in the bottom left. The goal with this widget is to replicate tha...

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ADVProgressBar screenshot


A custom progress bar that comes in multiple colours. It shows a display above the bar that depicts the amount of time left in percentages.

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JBTabBarController screenshot


JBTabBarController aims to be a drop-in replacement of UITabBarController, but with the intention of letting developers easily customise its appearance. JBTabBar uses images for all UI elements exc...

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EEToolbarCenterButton screenshot


EEToolbarCenterButton is a component to add a featured button to the center of UIToolbar. It handles button alignment, and helps you use buttom images whose height is larger than UIToolbar height.

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MNMProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar view to show determinate and indeterminate progress.

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JCMSegmentedPageController screenshot


Custom container view controller for iOS5 that functions similarly to a UITabBarController, but the way to switch tabs is through a UISegmentedControl on top. Demo included.

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YLProgressBar screenshot


Custom progress bar for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with an animated background. It is build using the Core Graphics framework.

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IIViewDeckController screenshot


This class largely implements the sliding views found in the Path 2.0 and Facebook apps. The ViewDeckController supports sideview in all directions (left, right, top, bottom), in any combination...

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