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MSCellAccessory screenshot


UITableViewCell accessoryType can easily customizing the colors. Supported iOS7 Flat Design.

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YFJLeftSwipeDeleteTableView screenshot


Drop-in UITableView subclass that supports left-swipe cell deletion like in iOS7. (works both in iOS6 and iOS7)

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MultiTablesView screenshot


Multi-Levels Table View used to stack table views horizontally. This project adds a notion of levels to the actual UITableView logic.

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KOMovingNavigationBar screenshot


A UINavigationBar that slides out of view when the user scrolls down and automatically slides back in when scrolling up. Compatible with UIScrollViews and subclasses (i.e. UITableView).

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ADCustomTableView screenshot


A UITableView subclass that provides custom cell entrance effects, like sliding in cell contents from the right. See the example video on GitHub for more information.

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DKLiveBlur screenshot


Demo app to show live blur effect similar to yahoo weather iOS app and iOS 7. Extremely fast blur processing with DSP. Easy to use: just create a view, set tableview and background image. That's...

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PQCollectionViewCell screenshot


PQCollectionViewCell is based on the logic behind PQTableViewCell, applied on a UICollectionViewCell. To use, subclass PQCollectionViewCell, and use `drawCellView:` instead of `drawRect:` when y...

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TKImageIpsum screenshot


Lorem ipsum for images for iOS

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MLPAccessoryBadge screenshot


MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quant...

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JZSwipeCell screenshot


Inspired by MailboxApp ( A UITableViewCell subclass that makes it easy to add long, short, left and right swiping of content in your table views. Features 4 swipe zones with ...

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LocationPickerView screenshot


MKMapView + UITableView + Parallax scrolling. Provides a framework for building an interactive location picker on iOS.

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BRScrollBarView screenshot


BRScrollBarView is a powerful scroll bar allows the user to drag a handle to quickly scroll through the contents of a UIScrollView or UITableView. BRScollBarView shows a label with text, so you ...

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RNRippleTableView screenshot


A custom table view with highly detailed ripple animations.

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RMSwipeTableViewCell screenshot


RMSwipeTableViewCell is a drop-in UITableViewCell subclass that supports pan gestures as seen in apps such as Clear, Mailbox, Sparrow and many more. It includes a number of delegate callbacks to he...

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ASGallery screenshot


Photo Gallery control like in native "Photos" application. Zooming, caching, smooth background thread image preloading, video support

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ZDYoutubeBrowser screenshot


ZDYoutubeBrowser is a Objective-C module for iPhone to search videos in a table interface similar to the YouTube app. Be sure to run 'git submodule update --init' upon first clone of ZDYoutubeBr...

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NTPagedTableViewController screenshot


A UITableView that 'snaps' like `pagingEnabled` on `UIScrollView`.

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GzCountryTableView screenshot


A UITableView preloaded with all App Store countries and flags. It allows you to pick a country from a list or via search.

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TwProfile screenshot


Demo of effect of tweetbot profile image

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Animated-TableViewCell screenshot


A example project with Animated Cells In this example, I created a customCell1 which demonstrate that how the animated call user to subclass and customize their own tableViewCell. Add everything...

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APParallaxHeader screenshot


This category makes it super easy to add a parallax header view to your table views.

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