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SwiftyDropDataListing screenshot


SwiftyDropDataListing provides a simple and effective way to browse, view, and get files(download) using the SwiftyDropbox with in your app.

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TableManager screenshot


TableManager is an extension of UITableView. Manipulate your table in an easier way. Add sections and rows. Configure headers and footers. Hide and show rows individually. And this library will han...

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DPDropDownMenu screenshot


Customizable dropdown menu for iOS.

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KPFallingObjects screenshot


KPFallingObjects displays falling effect of custom images on your UIView like falling snow, numbers, alphabets etc..

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CollectionViewDragDrop screenshot


Smart Collection View where you can move between cells or create subfolder if needed It's my first control with possibility to reorder cells or create subfolder if needed. The control will change...

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KPDropMenu screenshot


KPDropMenu is an Objective-C port of HADropDown With Additional features

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BSDropDown screenshot


It's to show dropdown menu list.

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SRPopView screenshot


SRPopview is a simple drag and drop custom popview

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HADropDown screenshot


HADropDown is a simple iOS drop down list written in Swift. It expands and collapses. It allows the user to select only one item at a time. Items are just Strings. A delegate is notified when selec...

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DragDropCollection screenshot


Custom UICollectionView allowing cells to be dragged, dropped and deleted.

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YNDropDownMenu screenshot


Adorable iOS drop down menu with Swift3

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YTDropMenu screenshot


A drop menu with cancel button. Easy to use, support single selection and multiple selection. You can also set background color and icon image.

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DragDropUI screenshot


A set of iOS UI components which have drag & drop capability.

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SwiftMessages screenshot


SwiftMessages is an iOS library for displaying brief messages in the form of a status bar across the top or bottom of the screen. In addition to providing numerous layouts, themes and configurat...

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DropDownMenuKit screenshot


DropDownMenuKit is a simple and modular UIKit menu, that can be attached to the navigation bar or toolbar. The menu appears with a sliding animation and can be deeply customized. For example, with ...

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ASJDropDownMenu screenshot


A drop down menu with embedded UITableView to list options

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SMButtonDropAnimation screenshot


Tap On button then next button will come with bounce animation.

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AWNavigationMenuItem screenshot


Navigation Menu for iOS. Support string and attributed string for menu items.

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EVWDropDownNotification screenshot


A simple but yet powerful Swift Dropdown Notification for iOS inspired by AlvaroFranco but rewritten in Swift 2.2 and extended to offer much more customisation

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MKDropdownMenu screenshot


Dropdown Menu for iOS with many customizable parameters to suit any needs

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LBZSpinner screenshot


Simple Spinner with dropdown-list for iOS (like android)

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