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TNImageSliderViewController screenshot


A Swift image slider component based on UICollectionView

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PhotoSlider screenshot


PhotoSlider can a simple photo slider and delete slider with swiping.

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IFAmazingSlideShow screenshot


Cool control for Gallery photos

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VIPhotoView screenshot


View a photo with simple and basic interactive gesture.

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HWViewPager screenshot


ViewPager for iOS : UICollectionView Preview part of side.. support full screen.. Auto Fit in "Auto Layout" Easy - Just Configure SectionInset, minimumLineSpacing in CollectionView's F...

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RPMultipleImagePicker screenshot


iOS multiple image picker from camera using UIImagePickerController (whatsapp like).

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SHGalleryView screenshot


This is a Page View Controllers based Gallery for Images and Videos which you can use to showcase your media items. Images support zoom/pinch and you can play videos in the same flow.

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MHYahooParallaxView screenshot


Parallax implementation inspired by Yahoo Weather and News Digest :)

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Glyphish Gallery screenshot

Glyphish Gallery

Browse and search through your Glyphish icons in style. Supports OS X 10.8+.

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RMGallery screenshot


A modular and lightweight gallery for iOS. RMGallery is a Photos-like gallery with no dependencies. It supports asynchronous image loading, view controller transitions, gestures and zooming. ...

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MJParallaxCollectionView screenshot


This is a parallax for the cells inside UICollectionView. It gives us an effect just like scrolling the images in Whatsapp or scrolling through the Weather app for iOS. Catch up with me at : htt...

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AnimatedTransitionGallery screenshot


A gallery app of custom animated transitions for iOS 7.

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EBPhotoPages screenshot


EBPhotoPages is a photo gallery library for displaying pages of photos and their meta data in a scrollview. Users are able to zoom photos in and out, as well as create, edit or delete comments and ...

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TKScroller screenshot


TKScroller is a simple iOS app with UIScrollView + UIPagecontrol , TKScroller can display one or more images , Create Tutorail screen , Show Text Details + show different viewcontrollers views,Web ...

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TKGallery screenshot


TKGallery is a simple iOS photo browser with dynamic grid view of images, TKGallery can display one or more images by providing either UIImage objects or from NSUrls. Photos can be zoomed and pan...

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MHVideoPhotoGallery screenshot


Gallery for iOS 7 Devices. A mix of the iOS Gallery and the Facebook Gallery. I took the best from the best. Have Fun.

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ASScrollView screenshot


ASScrollView animation an ios control which scroll between image with fading animation and it can be used as an image gallery

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NBUImagePicker screenshot


Modular and fully customizable UIImagePickerController replacement with Simulator-compatible AVFoundation camera, AssetsLibrary and custom directory assets' browser, and image cropping, filters and...

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KASlideShow screenshot


Lightweight slideshow for iOS (ARC only). Support manual or automatic slideshow, with fade and slide transitions.

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FSImageViewer screenshot


FSImageViewer is a photo viewer (photo gallery) for iOS with AFNetworking and caching.

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nvgallery screenshot


A simple sample for building Flickr-style galleries.

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