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CocoaDebug screenshot


iOS Debugging Tool

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SSCTaglistView screenshot


Customizable iOS tag list view, in Swift.

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DictionaryUtils screenshot


iOS Dictionary Utilities for Swift - allowing you to pull properties from a dictionary using a string eg. data.readString("field[0].name")

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CollectionViewSlantedLayout screenshot


CollectionViewSlantedLayout is a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout allowing the display of slanted content on UICollectionView.

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SwiftInstagram screenshot


Swift Client for Instagram API

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Donut screenshot


Donut is a library for arranging views circularly like a donut.

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XUIKit screenshot


XUIKIt is a UI framework for macOS. it extends a lot of methods similar to UIKit. It is a easier way for both iOS and macOS developers to make Cocoa Applications.

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GradientProgress screenshot


A gradient progress bar (UIProgressView).

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Gemini screenshot


Gemini is rich scroll based animation framework for iOS, written in Swift.

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GravityTagCloudView screenshot


A tag cloud view with gravity.

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ClosePixelate screenshot


This simple library allows you to easily create and combine various pixelation effects.

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RangeSlider screenshot


Simple, clean, and customizable range-based slider control for macOS

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ScreenToLayers screenshot


macOS app to capture your screen as a layered PSD file

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CocoaBar screenshot


A flexible and simple to use SnackBar view for iOS

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Thor screenshot


Open the right application ASAP.

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APValidators screenshot


APValidators is a codeless solution for form validation. Just connect everything right in Interface Builder and you're done. Supports really complex and extendable forms by allowing to connect vali...

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JTAppleCalendar screenshot


**Note:** This is a fairly new project. Please leave a Star rating on [github]( if you like it. Publicity is needed. **Screenshots:** The purple ...

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PodsLicenseReader screenshot


Easily read licenses for your Cocoa Pods.

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SwiftPages screenshot


A swift implementation of a swipe between pages layout, just like Instagram's toggle between views. Features - A simple yet beautifully architected solution for management of paged-style view c...

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Circular Indicator screenshot

Circular Indicator

Circular Indicator is a simple circulator that fills up a circle as a ring or a full circle, which can be used to display the progress of a task or as a timer as used in the example.

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UILabel+Copyable screenshot


A simple UILabel category meant to add copy functionality to it. Features: Supports Interface Builder Supports long press gesture Allows enable/disble the copy feature Works with all UILabel...

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ScheduleKit screenshot


ScheduleKit is a new graphical event management framework for Mac OS X that provides a great way to display a set of event-like objects (with basically starting date and duration properties) either...

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ZRScrollableTabBar screenshot


Normally tabbar shows more tab if there is more then 5 tab in a tab bar controller. To overcome this problem you can use ZRScrollableTabBar which will allow you to put as many tab as you want and t...

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SocketIOCocoa screenshot


The socket 1.0 client in Swift

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DatePickerCell screenshot


Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. Written in swift.

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