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OYSimpleAlertController screenshot


OYSimpleAlertController is very simple Alert written in Swift.

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TOActionSheet screenshot


A custom designed, built version of the UIActionSheet for iOS

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JTAlertView screenshot


JTAlertView is the new wonderful dialog/HUD/alert kind of View. It was also designed to cover user’s needs during customization. Created with delightful combination of image, parallax and pop effects, JTAlertView improves your user experience.

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MKInputBoxView screenshot


A tiny replacement for UIAlertView w/ text views. Based on BMInputView.

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ADFBRequestDialogViewController screenshot


ADFBRequestDialogViewController - view controller wrapper for Facebook requests dialog. With it you can customize top elements and present dialog whatever you want with iOS UIViewController custom transition.

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RNBlurModalView screenshot


Add some depth to the traditional modal/alert view with RNBlurModalView. Calling the view is incredibly similar to setting up and showing a UIAlertView. You can also setup your own custom views and display them with a blurry background. The goal is to truly draw the user's focus directly to your alert using natural effects. Supported for all iOS devices and orientations.

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QuickDialog screenshot


QuickDialog allows you to create HIG-compliant iOS forms for your apps without having to directly deal with UITableViews, delegates and data sources. Fast and efficient, you can create forms with multiple text fields, or with thousands of items with no sweat!

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