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SBCollectionView screenshot


This is simple CollectionView with downloading images and storing in cache using Swift...

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DownloadButton screenshot


Customizable App Store style download button. Customizable designable components. Editing with IB.

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Transporter screenshot


A tiny library makes uploading and downloading easier

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AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS screenshot

AVAssetResourceLoader - play music from cloud, audio streaming and caching in iOS

A sample project that demonstrates audio streaming and music caching from cloud storage using AVAssetResourceLoader, AVAssetResourceLoaderDelegate, AVURLAsset, AVPlayerItem, AVPlayer. For more information read this tutorial:

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ACPDownload screenshot


ACPDownload provides a view indicator of your download process

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SunSetUtility screenshot


A Simple utility that can be added to your iOS project that allows you to notify users that you are shutting down this app. You can refer users to a different app if you like. You can also stage the rollout with a cancel button that allows users to keep using the app. Then you can set a switch to only allow download of the new app at a later time.

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DBImageView screenshot


A simple object to load images asynchronously

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SDFeedParser screenshot


Objective-C parser for the JSON API plugin for Wordpress.

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TWRDownloadManager screenshot


A modern download manager for iOS (Objective C) based on NSURLSession to deal with asynchronous downloading, management and persistence of multiple files. TWRDownloadManager is a singleton instance and can thus be called in your code safely from wherever you need to. The idea of writing yet another download manager library stemmed from the fact that at the time of the writing (and yet still) there were no available open source projects based on the new `NSURLSession` APIs made available by Apple in iOS 7. TWRDownloadManager leverages the power of `NSURLSession` and `NSURLSessionDownloadTask` to make downloading of files and keeping track of their progress a breeze.

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MZDownloadManager screenshot


This download manager uses NSURLSession api to download files. It can download multiple files at a time. It can download large files if app is in background. It can resume downloads if app was quit. Updated for swift 3.1

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PASImageView screenshot


Rounded async imageview downloader lightly cached and written in Swift

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LASIImageView screenshot


iOS UIImageView subclass - download image with different progress indicators

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PAImageView screenshot


Rounded async imageview downloader based on AFNetworking 2 and lightly cached

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DropboxBrowser screenshot


Browse and download files using the iOS Dropbox SDK in iOS Objective-C Apps. DropboxBrowser has a beautiful interface, simple code, and lots of features. Dropbox Browser provides a simple and effective way to browse, view, and download files using the iOS Dropbox SDK. Add the required files to your Xcode iOS project, setup Dropbox, add one simple method and a navigation controller and now you've got a wonderful View Controller that lets users browse their Dropbox files and folders, and even download them.

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RMDownloadIndicator screenshot


RMDownloadIndicator is a visual display for downloading of files. It displays the amount of file download as a pie chart just like the app download from the app store in iOS . The colors, radius percent are all customizable.

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RFLoader screenshot


RFLoader provides a loading animation. You can customize the Animated Loader color (Provide a UIColor) and also you can choose from 3 different animations. You can also provide an image name and animate that image as a loader. You can also remove the loader with 3 different animations: * removeLoader * removeLoaderWithSuccess:YES * removeLoaderWithSuccess:NO How To Get Started * Download RFLoader * #import "RFLoader.h" * Create an instance of RFLoader: RFLoader *customLoader = [[RFLoader alloc] init]; [customLoader showLoaderWithColor:[UIColor redColor] andAnimation:LoaderMix andImage:nil onView:self.view]; If you prefer to use an image: [customLoader showLoaderWithColor:[UIColor redColor] andAnimation:LoaderMix andImage:@"icon.png" onView:self.view]; To remove Loader: * [customLoader removeLoader]; * [customLoader removeLoaderWithSuccess:YES]; * [customLoader removeLoaderWithSuccess:NO];

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GoldRaccoon screenshot


An FTP component for iOS.

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IADownloadManager screenshot


iOS download manager, Download a set of files in parallel and sequential order. A Minimalist download manager for iOS Download a set of files in parallel or sequential order.

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DAProgressOverlayView screenshot


A UIView subclass displaying download progress. Looks similarly to springboard icons of apps being downloaded in iOS 7.

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SDWebImage screenshot


UIImageView category adding suppport for remote images coming from the web asynchronously with caching.

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HCDownload screenshot


Fully-featured download manager and view controller. More features and updates to come.

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