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CreditCardForm-iOS screenshot


CreditCardForm-iOS is an iOS demo app that allows developers to create the UI which replicates an actual Credit Card.

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react-native-credit-card-input screenshot


Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project 💳 💳

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PhotoCropEditor screenshot


Framework written in Swift for Cropping Images easily

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VKAfterTimeTextField screenshot


VKAfterTimeTextField is a sub-class of UITextField which allows you to know when user edited it last time during current use session. Also it allows to notify after specific time interval when user...

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PredicateEditor screenshot


A visual editor for dynamically creating NSPredicates to query data in your app.

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PaymentFont screenshot


PaymentFont iOS framework

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CAPostEditorViewController screenshot


simple compose view controller with a lot of customizations properties

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APValidators screenshot


APValidators is a codeless solution for form validation. Just connect everything right in Interface Builder and you're done. Supports really complex and extendable forms by allowing to connect vali...

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Caishen screenshot


A Payment Card UI & Validator for iOS

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KACircleCropViewController screenshot


An extremely simple circular crop view controller created entirely in Swift, similar in style to the crop controller that Line uses.

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iImageEdittor  screenshot


Helps iOS developer to crop image of any shape (Square, Rect, Circle, Oval)

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BUYPaymentButton screenshot


A vector-based Apple Pay button for all iOS 8 versions.

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PFAboutWindow screenshot


A sleek replacement for the otherwise bleak "About" dialog. Its nice, it looks like xCode (6)'s one, and offers the following abilities : - Open the app's website by clicking its icon - Exten...

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RichEditorView screenshot


A simple, modular, drop-in UIView subclass for Rich Text Editing. Contains a fully customizable toolbar so you can pick and choose the options you want to support, as well as create your own cu...

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PhotoTweaks screenshot


PhotoTweaks is an interface to crop photos. It can let user drag, rotate, scale the image, and crop it. You will find it mimics the interaction in photo library on iOS 7.

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AcknowledgementsBundle screenshot


Easily add a Settings.bundle with CocoaPods' acknowledgements to your iOS App.

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ScrollingTextView screenshot


Scrolling Text View for About window and usually used as credits

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KIInPlaceEdit screenshot


In-place editing for UILabel! UILabel+InPlaceEdit.h enables users to edit a label in the place. No inheritance. Just import the category and [label ipe_enableInPlaceEdit]; :) Related Link...

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ZLMailComposerViewController screenshot


A Customized Email Composer for iOS.

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RSKImageCropper screenshot


A nice simple circular image cropper called RSKImageCropper. RSKImageCropper is inspired by the contacts app supports both portrait and landscape orientations and the double tap to reset gesture. ...

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BKMoneyKit screenshot


iOS UI controls and formatters for entering money, credit card number and expiry date.

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