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Marvelous screenshot


Marvelous is an unofficial native interface to the Marvel Comics API for OSX. It is built on top of the Foundation framework and it uses the high-level operation and networking abstractions built i...

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UIView+AutoLayout screenshot


`NOTE:` UIView+AutoLayout has been deprecated in favor of `PureLayout`, which includes OS X support! The ultimate API for iOS Auto Layout -- impressively...

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RCHGestureGuide screenshot


A tool to display gesture hints to your users on any area of user interface area of your application. Allow the user to dismiss and remove guides for different areas of your applications and re-...

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Pegasus screenshot


A lightweight Objective-C framework for Cocoa Touch to create UIKit view hierarchies in XML.

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JLNDragEffectManager screenshot


A subclass of NSWindowController which allows you to replace a static dragging image with an animated effect similar to dragging items from the Library palette to a window or view in Interface Buil...

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MHNibTableViewCell screenshot


A UITableViewCell subclass that makes it easy to load table view cells from nib files.

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