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AAChartKit-Slim screenshot


Features: 1. Support iOS 6, ARC & Objective C. 2. Powerful,support the column chart, bar chart, line chart, spline chart, pie chart, polar chart, radar chart and other graphics. 3. Interactive...

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NMOutlineView screenshot


Hierarchical Menu for iOS

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TJProfileImage screenshot


Live rendering of componet’s properties in Interface Builder Features Dashed border Solid border Round corner Circle image

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AssemblyLine screenshot


AssemblyLine is a library for easily writing workflows.

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WCSTimeline screenshot


Simple timeline with data model.

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ScrollableDisclaimerAlertView screenshot


Simple lightweight DisclaimerAlertView.

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HSStockChart screenshot


Stock Chart include CandleStickChart,TimeLineChart. 股票走势图,包括 K 线图,分时图,并提供横屏展示,手势缩放,拖动

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LineAndPieChartDemo screenshot


Use Bezier Paths to draw a simple Pie chart and Line Chart

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KGoogleDirectionWithPolyLine screenshot


Getting direction of a route and drawing polyline on map using google sdk.

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Overlook screenshot


A commandline app that will watch your folder and monitor any changes. When a change occurs, Overlook will execute (or restart) a command you specify. Overlook is platform independent and will work...

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MUSleepGraph screenshot


This is a unique library to present data per week

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SDWebImage+CircularProgressView screenshot


This is a category to SDWebImage that offer you to add ProgressView in three ways: + Circular (using DACircularProgress) + Linear + Custom Images are downloading by SDWebImage (3.7.0 and up)

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AFCurvedArrowView screenshot


A view to show a configurable arrow wherever you need. (Mostly useful for user guides) You don’t need to have different images for arrows for different screen sizes.

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WYChart screenshot


A simple and elegant Chart library with rich animations.Include line, pie and radar chart.

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NXDrawKit screenshot


NXDrawKit is a simple and easy but useful drawing kit for iPhone.

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OutlineView screenshot


NSOutlineView swift

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MKSHorizontalLineProgressView screenshot


It is a subclass of UIView and provides you horizontal progress line view with filled percentage value

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ISTimeline screenshot


Simple timeline view written in Swift 2.2

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DottedLineView screenshot


Draw horizontal or vertical dotted line for iOS

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ARSLineProgress screenshot


iOS progress bar, replacement for the default activity indicator.

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TJTextField screenshot


Features: Add image in UITextField, Left text pending, Underline whole UITextField, Show Error by different colour underline, Custom placeholder color, You can change the design of button...

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