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GoogleSignInHelper screenshot


Simple wrapper of google sign-in for iOS

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SWBufferedToast screenshot


SWBufferedToast is a simple alert-style class for presenting information to the user. An SWBufferedToast can be instantiated with one of three types: 1. Plain Toast - A simple dismissable alert with a title, description and action button. 2. Notice Toast - An non-dismissable alert used to notify the user of an ongoing task. This alert cannot be dismissed by the user, but can be dismissed using a timer or by calling toast.dismiss. 3. Login Toast - A modal login window in the style of a toast. All three alert types have a buffering animation that can be turned on and off as necessary. Additionally, you can supply your own images for this buffering animation.

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Devise screenshot


Devise-iOS is a simple client which automates connection with Devise.

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BMInputBox screenshot


BMInputBox is an iOS drop-in class that displays input boxes for the user to input different kinds of data, for instance username and password, email address, numbers, plain text. BMInputBox is meant as a replacement for the limited UIAlertView input options.

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MINavigationController screenshot


Want to change the RootViewController of your application in a smooth and controlled way? MINavigationController solves this! Animate a transition between any number of "Root" view controllers. Even specify your own animations!

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Organic screenshot


The intuitive UITableViewController. A UITableViewController subclass designed with efficiency and maintenance in mind, and tries its best to handle just about everything for you. No more if-statements and switches in every table view dataSource and delegate method. No more splitting up all the logic for each row and section into a dozen different methods, making addition, removal, or minor alterations to format and layout a headache. We feel your pain, we know the struggle. Moving one section of cells below another, moving cells between sections, adding new cells to existing sections, etc., with a decently-complex table view can be a nightmare, but with Organic it's as simple as changing the order of objects in an array. Organic allows you to define the sections and which cells they contain all-at-once, and takes care of the rest of the housekeeping for you.

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Swifty screenshot


A beautiful Login coded in Swift

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ASTextField screenshot


A demo project for making custom UITextField in iOS. Very useful for making login signup screens in couple of minutes. This text field is purely made by customizing the UITextField, no background view or additional view has been used.

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AMLoginViewController screenshot


A Login view with video as background and blur effect. I made it for a school project. I hope it will be useful/inspirational for someone else :) Easy to use as a modalview at app launch for example. Performance improvements coming soon. Cheers

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MBFormCoordinator screenshot


Easily chain, bind, and validate text fields.

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RNAvatarLogin screenshot


This project was entirely inspired by the beautiful GoSquared Login. It is a really unique and peculiar way to "entertain" the user while a task completes. Using a Gravatar fulfills purposes in a login: it lets the user validate that they have entered their email, and it also provides a more personal experience by welcoming the user to see their account.

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DMTwitterOAuth screenshot


An Objective-C library (made using blocks) implementing OAuth protocol for Twitter Login and persistent session, plus an example iOS (iPhone) app demonstrating its use.

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