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CarPlay screenshot


Car animation on map, Vehicle play on map like Uber and Ola

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Queuer screenshot


Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD). Currently, with Queuer you can: • Create and use ConcurrentOperation for asynchronous operations • Create and use Queuer to handle a shared queue • Create and use custom queue • Create and use RequestOperation for network request operations • Create and use Semaphore for a Dispath semaphore • Create and use SynchronousOperation for synchronous operations

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JDSwiftHeatMap screenshot


JDSwiftMap is an IOS Native MapKit Library. You can easily make a highly customized HeatMap.

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GooglePlacesClone screenshot


This repository aims for a tutorial on how to use the Google Places API in conjunction with Google Maps iOS SDK

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ClusterKit screenshot


An iOS map clustering framework targeting MapKit and Google Maps.

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ARCarMovement screenshot


This is navigation example on google map. Here Marker move as vehicles moves with turns as uber does in their app. Using old and new coordinates animating bearing value the markers are moving.

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CustomeLocationPicker screenshot


Here is the customized control to pick any address from Google Map just like UBER or LYFT Apps You can get complete Address, Cit, Country, Latitude and Longitude.

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MBMapPulseAnimation screenshot


This application based on pulseAnimation in map . i am using some concept of Animation code in annotation Background in swift .

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NearBy screenshot


iOS app to find nearby places using MapKit

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GoogleMapsHelper screenshot


An easy to integrate Model Based Google Maps Helper (SVHTTPClient, AFNetworking) That lets you Geo Code , Reverse Geocode, Get Directions , Places Autocomplete.

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Cluster screenshot


Easy Map Annotation Clustering

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PGVerticalOpenTransition-Swift screenshot


Under Dragging - ViewControler to ViewControler Vertical Open Transition.

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ClosePixelate screenshot


This simple library allows you to easily create and combine various pixelation effects.

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ASMapLauncher screenshot


ASMapLauncher is a library for iOS written in Swift that helps navigation with various mapping applications.

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KGoogleDirectionWithPolyLine screenshot


Getting direction of a route and drawing polyline on map using google sdk.

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FirebaseChat screenshot


A simple anonymous group chat application using Firebase using Swift 3.0

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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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TYDirectionSwift screenshot


Direction between two routes and showing direction path information.Please provide API key in ViewController.swift

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VFParallaxController screenshot


Parallax effect between UITableView and MKMapView

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NRMirror screenshot


NRMirror helps you to sync your models with web service response or any input dictionary and. So its work like a object mapper for your project. So dont worry about manually mapping your model object with your json/dictionary , you have to just declare your model and name your key same as your dictionary/Json key and you are done. NRMirror supporting of all types Int, String ,Float , Bool etc.. and NRMirror subclass models. For more detail :

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Salada screenshot


Salad is a Model for Firebase database. It can handle Snapshot of Firebase easily.

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