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MultiRowCalloutAnnotationView screenshot


This is an annotation view that sports a callout bubble with multiple, independently selectable rows of data. The objective is to allow each cell/row to utilize an accessory disclosure button, with...

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OCMapView screenshot


Simple and easy to use clustering mapView for iOS.

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MacMapKit screenshot


MapKit for Mac is a framework for displaying maps in a Cocoa application that is API-compatible with Apple's MapKit framework for iOS.

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REVMapCluster screenshot


REVClusterMap API is a simple implementation of clustering for the iOS platform. An extra layer of functionalities that enables clustering is build on top of the MapKit Framework. With a small se...

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TreeMapKit screenshot


A treemap implementation for Cocoa Touch. You can display treemaps in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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NAMapKit screenshot


Allows you to use custom maps in iphone applications and attempts to mimics some of the behaviour of the MapKit framework.

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MRMapView screenshot


An iOS library for displaying tiled maps with support for custom tile providers.

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MTLocation screenshot


A Framework to add convenience-stuff for easier coping with CoreLocation/MapKit on iOS. It includes a custom UIBarButtonItem mimicing the Locate-Me-Button of the built-in Google Maps App

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