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FXModelValidation screenshot


FXModelValidation is an Objective-C library that allows to validate data/model/forms easily. Suits for any NSObject.

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PlistModel screenshot


A simple and easy way to interact with Plists as objects with properties populated at runtime and smart saving.

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SecureMappingKit screenshot


Securize the mapping between your JSON and your model.

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MBJSONModel screenshot


Quick and lightweight JSON → NSObject translation.

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SHModelObject screenshot


Base modal object which uses objective-c runtime to populate the instance variables (ivars and properties) of User created Modal from NSDictionary objects.

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RestKit-InExtensions screenshot


Helpers to use RestKit with less code, just a simple plist file.

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UIDevice-Helpers screenshot


UIDevice category. Easy access to device information.

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ObjcModelValidation screenshot


A port of ActiveRecord's, the Ruby ORM framework, validators to Objective-C.

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Proper data models with JSONModel screenshot

Proper data models with JSONModel

Every other app or so use some kind of either JSON feed or a JSON based API for its backed. Few though are built to be robust, stable and performant; the proper way to work with JSON is to use data models to fit the Cocoa MVC workflow. JSONModel gives you smart models, networking and smart API client for free. And it is also cross platform - iOS or OSX it's all good :] Save yourself tons of lines of code and gain control of your JSON based communication.

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Model and API Loader realization for website. Using its methods you can load GPS coordinates of minibuses on the route. Project includes demo application and testing code.

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