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CRNetworkButton screenshot


Send Button for iOS

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MagicMapper screenshot


Super light and easy automatic JSON to model mapper.

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Catamaran screenshot


An easy way to get Social Newtworks authenticating by OAuth 2.0 on Objective-C via UIWebView

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AFNetworking+RetryPolicy screenshot


Nice category that adds the ability to set the retry interval, retry count and progressive

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Kakapo screenshot


🐤Dynamically Mock server behaviors and responses in Swift

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SougouReading screenshot


Imitate a novel APP. Now I have completed those function: most of UI, webView, search fictions, add fictions to shelf and reading first chapter. If you like it, you can star my project. You can also fork it and be a contributor. I use Charles to get json data from the Sougou server.

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MPProgressViewCell screenshot


It's Simple UIImageView Category Class which is for downloading image from remote server using SDWebImage and DACircleProgressView

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network screenshot


Making a chain-able request

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Networking screenshot


**Networking** was born out of the necessity of having a simple networking library that doesn't have crazy programming abstractions or uses the latest reactive programming techniques, but just a plain, simple and convenient wrapper around `NSURLSession` that supports common needs such as faking requests and caching images out of the box. A library that is small enough to read in one go but useful enough to include in any project. That's how **Networking** came to life, a fully tested library for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and OS X that will always be there for you. - Super friendly API - Singleton free - No external dependencies - Optimized for unit testing - Minimal implementation - Simple request cancellation - Fake requests easily (mocking/stubbing) - Runs synchronously in automatic testing environments - Image downloading and caching - Free

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Atlas screenshot


An extremely easy-to-use and lightweight JSON mapping library for iOS and tvOS written in Swift

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HandWriting recognition screenshot

HandWriting recognition

Simple letter or shape training and recognition App developped in swift. The main purpose is to present a basic use case of a neural network to recognize an image (pixels) Powered by:

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ETNetwork screenshot


ETNetwork is is a high level request util based on Alamofire, take YTKNetwork as reference.

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Social News Feed screenshot

Social News Feed

This app provides custom cell and profile views which used such as FB, Twitter or Instagram

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netfox screenshot


A lightweight, one line setup, iOS network debugging library!

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NetworkEye screenshot



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Nuke screenshot


A powerful **image loading** and **caching** framework which allows for hassle-free image loading in your app. - Load images into image views and other targets - Image resizing, custom image transformations - Two [cache layers](, fast LRU memory cache - [Alamofire](, [Gifu](, [Toucan]( plugins - [Freedom to use](#h_design) networking, caching libraries of your choice - Automated [prefetching]( with [Preheat]( library - Simple, small (~1k sloc), [fast]( and reliable

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SSASwiftReachability screenshot


A Swift Library To Track Network Reachability Changes

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Monkey screenshot


Monkey is a GitHub third party client for iOS,to show the rank of coders and repositories.

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Polymer screenshot


Endpoint focused networking

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SpotifyImporter screenshot


Spotify library importer into Apple Music

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SSIDObserver screenshot


iOS Wi-Fi network SSID observer.

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