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Sync screenshot


Sync eases your every day job of parsing a `JSON` response and getting it into Core Data. It uses a convention over configuration paradigm to facilitate your workflow. * Handles operations in sa...

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NLRMashapeClient screenshot


Built on top of AFNetworking, NLRMashapeClient provides a simple and easy way to calling the APIs you choose on Mashape.

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RestKit-InExtensions screenshot


Helpers to use RestKit with less code, just a simple plist file.

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InstagramKit screenshot


A neat little blocks-based Objective C wrapper for the Instagram API. It readily parses the JSON responses on a background thread and does the dirty work for you so you just have to deal with In...

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SBInstagram Viewer screenshot

SBInstagram Viewer

Easy Objective-C framework to show an instagram feed on iOS

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Doppio screenshot


An open source sample iOS app to find the nearest Starbucks store using NSURLSession, AFNetworking 2.0, Mantle and Starbucks private API.

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ALCurrencyLibrary screenshot


Simple library to convert a value from a specific currency to another. Contains a list of 162 constants representing the common currencies in the world

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PKJSONSocket screenshot


PKJSONSocket aims to simplify network communications. It's a delightful wrapper around CocoaAsyncSocket, abstracting away complex data flow into an easy to use API. Instead of dealing with the bits...

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WTURLImageView screenshot


WTURLImageView is a subclass of UIImageView that load images from Internet using AFNetworking.

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ILHTTPClient screenshot


A really easy-to-use wrapper around AFNetworking with an auto loading animated HUD.

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NPRImageView screenshot


Instagram-like UIImageView subclass. Progress view and activity view appear during image download. Support memory and disk caching. Inspired by FXImageView and Tapku's TKImageCache. Uses AFNetworking.

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OpenPics screenshot


OpenPics is an iOS application for viewing images from multiple remote sources. Currently implemented are searching the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. Good examples of usi...

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LBGithubStatus screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for GitHub Status API based on AFNetworking.

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 SDScaffoldSync screenshot


Create a Cloud Syncing Mobile App in 3 Minutes. Building an app that syncs its data in the cloud can be difficult. That's where SDScaffoldSync comes into play. SDScaffoldSync creates a REST endp...

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