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PATabbarView screenshot


PATabbarView is like Safari tabbar. You can add a PATabbarPushedView into a PATabbarVew with sliding animation.

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ViewPagerController screenshot


Infinite menu & view paging Controller. written in Swift.

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MMGooglePlayNewsStand screenshot


To Simulate iOS Google Play NewsStand app

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ARSegmentPager screenshot


UISegmentControl(tab) controller with parallaxHeader

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PBPagerViewController screenshot


A Swifty Pager View Controller

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XLPagerTabStrip screenshot


Android PagerTabStrip for iOS.

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ADCustomPageControl screenshot


* Android style page control * Swipable tab bar * Clickable tab to move to spefic page * Current page indicator with fade effect on non current title * Easy to modify code * Lazy loading for smoother performance ( Provide view controller instances only when moved to that page ) * Easy to setup color theme * This UI control can be used on all iPhones, iPods & iPads running iOS 6.0 and above.

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ScrollPager screenshot


A scroll pager similar to the one in

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ROSwipenger screenshot


A customizable library that allows swiping in between view controllers

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MXSegmentedPager screenshot


The standard MXSegmentedPager class is a simple paging control using HMSegmentedControl. The ParallaxHeader category is an extension that allow you to add a VGParallaxHeader to your segmented pager. ``` pod "MXSegmentedPager" ```

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GUITabPagerViewController screenshot


UITabPagerViewController is a simple paged view controller with tabs.

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NKJPagerViewController screenshot


NKJPagerViewController is like a FragmentsTabsPager, which is in Android. It contains an endlessly scrollable UIScrollView. This viewController inspired ICViewPager. The biggest of difference is to infinitely swipe page. <img src="" width="300" />

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DMPagerViewController screenshot


DMPagerViewController is page navigation controller like the one used in Twitter or Tinder

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HWViewPager screenshot


ViewPager for iOS : UICollectionView Preview part of side.. support full screen.. Auto Fit in "Auto Layout" Easy - Just Configure SectionInset, minimumLineSpacing in CollectionView's FlowLayout

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THSegmentedPager screenshot


Simple plugin-sample using the HMSegmentedControl and a UIPageViewController to show Tabs

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BWTitlePagerView screenshot


Recreate the Twitter navigation controller pager.

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SHViewPager screenshot


A simple view pager for iOS, which acts similar to android's viewPager. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or later. Supports iPhones and iPads in all interface orientation. ## Advantages * [x] Supports both Swift and Objective-C * [x] Supports all orientations * [x] Supports iPad * [x] Supports Autolayout ## Requirements * Xcode 6+ * iOS 8+ * ARC ## Installation ###Cocoapods *Recommended way* SHViewPager is available through [CocoaPods]( To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile: ``` pod 'SHViewPager', '~> 2.0' ``` Share feedbacks and ideas to improve this project, I would love to hear them out. I would also greatly appreciate if you follow me on [@shabib_hossain](

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MYBlurIntroductionView screenshot


It's time for one introduction/tutorial view to end them all! MYBlurIntroductionView is a powerful platform to build introductions for your iPhone apps. Built on the MYIntroductionView core, MYBlurIntroductionView takes the first time user experience to the next level by providing a host of new features for building highly customized introductions.

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EAIntroView screenshot


This is highly customizable drop-in solution for introduction views. Some features (remember, most features are optional and can be turned off): * for each basic page: * background (with cross-dissolve transition between pages) * title image (+ Y position) * title text (+ font, color and Y position) * description text (+ font, color and Y position) * subviews array (added to page after building default layout) * possibility to set your own custom view for page: * pageWithCustomView: * pageWithCustomViewFromNibNamed: * possibility to make sublass of EAIntroPage and react to actions: * pageDidLoad * pageDidAppear * pageDidDisappear * many options to customize parent view: * swipe from last page to close * custom background image or color * custom page control * custom skip button * pinned titleView (+ Y position, can be hidden on some pages) * delegate protocol to listen: * introDidFinish: * intro:pageAppeared:withIndex: * actions on IntroView: * setPages: * showInView:animateDuration: * hideWithFadeOutDuration: * setCurrentPageIndex:animated: * storyboard/IB support * autoresize support

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ICViewPager screenshot


A tab view that mimics ActionBarSherlock's FragmentsTabsPager and Google Play app's tab management.

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AFImagePager screenshot


The AFImagePager is a modified version of [KIImagePager]( that uses AFNetworking instead of SDWebImage. This image pager lets you load and swipe through a series of images. It's easy to implement and provides a nice way of presenting a not-fullscreen-gallery to your user. This control looks a bit like Foursquare's Image preview on their location pages.

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