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MBTwitterScroll screenshot


Recreate Twitter's profile page scrolling animation for UITableView and UIScrollViews.

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MGSpotyViewController screenshot


Beautiful viewController with a tableView and amazing effects like a viewController in the Spotify app.

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UIImageView+Letters screenshot


An easy, helpful UIImageView category that generates letter initials as a placeholder for user profile images, with a randomized background color.

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TwProfile screenshot


Demo of effect of tweetbot profile image

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DBFBProfilePictureView screenshot


The control improves on a number of aspects of the Facebook SDK provided FBProfilePictureView. 1) Caching of the downloaded profile images, so the network does not get hit for every instance of the...

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Avatar Picker Plus screenshot

Avatar Picker Plus

Avatar Picker Plus enables your application to add custom user avatars with ease. With this custom control, you will be able to access avatars from: direct upload from your users, Facebook, Twit...

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