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PXGoogleDirections screenshot


Google Directions API SDK for iOS, entirely written in Swift. Supports all features from the Google Directions API as of March 2015 Other features: - "open in Google Maps app", both for specific locations and directions request * also supports the callback feature to get the user back to your app when he's done in Google Maps * in case the Google Maps app is not installed, also supports fallback to the built-in Apple Maps ap - available both with modern, Swift-style completion blocks, or Objective-C-style delegation patterns - queries are made over HTTPS

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BFDirectoryEnumerator screenshot


Enumerate directories in breadth first fashion. iOS and OSX

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DCDirectoryWatcher screenshot


A lightweight class for monitoring directory changes on iOS using Swift

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APTransitionDirector screenshot



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MapManager (Swift) screenshot

MapManager (Swift)

Map manager is a MapKit wrapper to provide route direction drawing written entirely in Swift 1) Closure support 2) Get directions using Apple service 3) Get directions using Google service SAMPLE CODE: var origin = "Toronto" var destination = "Montreal" mapManager.directionsUsingGoogle(from: origin, to: destination) { (route, directionInformation, boundingRegion, error) -> () in if(error != nil){ println(error!) }else{ if let map = self.mapView?{ dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) { map.addOverlay(route!) map.setVisibleMapRect(boundingRegion!, animated: true) } } } }

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CropperView screenshot


using CropperView Rect You can apply multiple rect areas. You can move it. each of corners. You can move it. each of croppers. and You can crop it.

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AHKBendableView screenshot


`BendableView` is a `UIView` subclass that bends its edges when its position change is animated. Internally, `BendableView` contains `CAShapeLayer`, which acts as its background. The layer's `path` changes during animations, creating an effect of bending. Subviews stay intact.

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BidirectionalCollectionView screenshot


A customized collection view using UICollectionView and UITableView supporting vertical and horizontal scrolling.

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IQGeometry screenshot


IQGeometry is an extension to CGGeometry that provides easy functions for Geometry calculations in iOS.

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IQIrregularView screenshot


IQIrregularView is a UIView subclass, played with CAShapeLayer to create IrregularView. Irregular view responds to touches on only visible part of view i.e. CAShapeLayer.path. Suggestions and help accepted to improve this more.

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GBPathImageView screenshot


With this class, you can get images in the circles or squares with the border.

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UITextViewExtras screenshot


Collection of convenience methods for finding the paths and locations of text in UITextView. * Calculate the bounding path (or CGRect) of a character, word, sentence, line or paragraph at given point, index, or range. * Hit test a substring range. * Find the closest character index to a point * Find the nearest range for character,word,line,sentence or paragraph at given point. * Calculate the substring range bound by a given CGRect. ** and a few others... Currently used in Drag Pad and Fire Type.

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AksStraightPieChart screenshot


A bar-style chart control.

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DWGridController screenshot


The DWGridController allows you to display cells in a grid view where rows and columns can be (infinitely) scrolled separately.

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PSDirectoryPickerController screenshot


Allows the user to browse for and choose a directory from a hierarchical list. Similar to NSOpenPanel on OS X.

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UIViewDrawRectBlock screenshot


A category on UIView that lets you specify a -drawRect method in a block on the object instead of subclassing.

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BASequenceControl screenshot


Variation of UISegmentedControl with "direction" theme. Can be used as drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl.

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