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Vkontakte iOS SDK screenshot

Vkontakte iOS SDK

Powerful & flexible Vkontakte iOS SDK

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SPHChatBubble screenshot


Sphchatbubble to use in chat screens. This project is an attempt to create the experience of chat bubbles with image , time and avatar support. Features: 1. You can customize as per you...

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LSCTableView screenshot


This is an open reimplementation of UITableView that strives to be a high performance, API-compatible, drop-in replacement class.

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Zuckerkit screenshot


A wrapper around the Facebook SDK that makes common tasks easy.

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SimplySocial screenshot


Simplified OAuth implementation that provides quick and dirty support for posting text and images to Facebook and Twitter. Useful if you need to support social services on legacy apps back to iO...

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Home screenshot


Facebook Home port for iOS. This is an attempt to replicate essential elements of the Facebook Home experience in iOS as an app. The aim is to re-create features like Cover Feed with nothing but...

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SJADNShareController screenshot


SJADNShareController can be used to share text only (at the moment) to, either as part of the sharing menu, on Mountain Lion, or alone. It is currently able to use's web post int...

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JSQMessagesViewController screenshot


An elegant messages UI library for iOS.

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SocialAccounts screenshot


SocialAccounts is an iOS framework that provides an easy way to manage social network accounts

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MKSocialShareTableViewCell screenshot


A fairly self contained table view cell that enables the iOS 6 social sharing feature and can be easily “dropped in” to any configuration or options view based on a table view. Includes (replaceabl...

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MFRedditPostController screenshot


A bit more powerful tool for posting to reddit. Ability to use UI included in project, or create your own UI and use just to communicate with Reddit or Imgur. Ability to post links, or photos. ...

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GrabKit screenshot


GrabKit for iOS offers a ready-to-use component to easily import photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, iPhone/iPad, Instagram, ...

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