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AGSpriteButton screenshot


A custom button control for SpriteKit. Subclassed from SKSpriteNode, it handles touches on it's own and performs a desired selector, block or action.

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YXSpritesLoadingView screenshot


YXSpritesLoadingView is a small library to help you create your custom loader with sprites animation for iOS, it also provide a lot of customization for your loader view

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Koala Hates Rain screenshot

Koala Hates Rain

"Koala Hates Rain" is a simple game where your goal is to dodge raindrop, stay dry fur as long as possible and gain high points. You can see the code here :

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MFLTransformingDigits screenshot


Core Animation Digit Folding, inspired by the Timely Alarm Clock for Android.

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GMSMessageWindow screenshot


Simple Sprite Kit-based gaming message presentation ala 8-bit text cutscenes. Simple to showcase SKActions on SKLabelNodes.

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iOS 7 Sampler screenshot

iOS 7 Sampler

Code examples for the new features of iOS 7. Contents: - Dynamic Behaviors - Speech Synthesis - Custom Transition - 3D Map - iBeacon - 120fps Video Recording - Smile Detection - Image ...

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REImageSprite screenshot


CSS-like image sprites for iOS apps.

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UIImage+Sprite screenshot


Useful UIImage category for handling sprite sheets. This add-on smoothes the way of extracting images from a sprite sheet (texture atlas).

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