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AFDropdownNotification screenshot


Simple and iOS 7-8 design compliant dropdown notification view for iOS

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KVNProgress screenshot


KVNProgress is a fully customizable progress HUD that can be full screen or not. - Fully customizable - Full screen HUD option - Custom status text (or none) - Animated status tex...

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SmoothStatusBar screenshot


Smooth Status Bar like Instagram or Mailbox

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Chameleon screenshot


Chameleon is a lightweight, yet powerful, flat color framework for iOS. It is built on the idea that software applications should function effortlessly while simultaneously maintaining their beauti...

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JGProgressHUD screenshot


Simple but powerful and modern progress HUD for iOS. JGProgressHUD is a progress HUD done the right way. Vast extensibility, still simple but not lacking features. JGProgressHUD also includes th...

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AmbientStatus screenshot


Seamlessly update your app based on your user's ambient data (transit, battery, and location statuses).

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UIViewController-ScrollingStatusBar screenshot


Category for UIViewController with UIScrollView to scroll statusBar along scrollView

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PKHUD screenshot


A Swift based reimplementation of the Apple HUD (Volume, Ringer, Rotation,…) for iOS 8.

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CircleStatus screenshot


View showing circular chart with customisable number and range of colours on outer ring with background transparency/colours configuration. There is also an option to show legend. You can customise...

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GTAppMenuController screenshot


This is a simple project inspired by Paper application of Facebook.

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MWKProgressIndicator screenshot


A minimal progress indicator for iOS with status update support. Displays above UINavigationBar and below the Status Bar

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CRToast screenshot


A modern iOS toast view that can fit your notification needs

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NetworkActivityIndicator screenshot


More easily interface with the network activity indicator in the status bar.UIApplication category and demo app.

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JDStatusBarNotification screenshot


Easy, customizable notifications displayed on top of the statusbar. Very convenient API for customization. iOS 7 ready!

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CWStatusBarNotification screenshot


CWStatusBarNotification is a library that allows you to easily create animated text-based notifications that appear on the status bar. CocoaPods: pod 'CWStatusBarNotification', '~> 2.1.0'

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Datatify screenshot


Simple single class used to display network status change notification (switch between WIFI, 3G and No connection).

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DDIndicator screenshot


Full reimplementation of UIActivityIndicatorView allowing easy UI changes. In this version it will change between 4 different colors.

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MLPAccessoryBadge screenshot


MLPAccessoryBadge is a delightfully customizable UIView subclass that renders text inside a badge, created mainly for use in a UITableViewCell as its accessoryView property. Use it to hint at quant...

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AXStatusItemPopup screenshot


NSStatusItem showing a little NSPopover when clicked. Similar to the Dropbox tray icon popup.

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TWStatus screenshot


Show notification status on Status bar mimicking Sunrise and Mailbox.

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WTStatusBar screenshot


Simple iPhone/iPad status bar overlay with text (and optionally Foursquare-like progress bar) display

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RRFPSBar screenshot


Show the app's frame per second in the status bar on iOS. I hate lagging apps and do my best to keep FPS high on @YPlan. Sometimes it's very hard to say if lag is visual or real and Instruments ...

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KGStatusBar screenshot


A minimal status bar for iOS. Similar to the status bar seen in the MailBox app. It covers the top status bar and appears like the message is embedded within.

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LBGithubStatus screenshot


An Objective-C wrapper for GitHub Status API based on AFNetworking.

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FDStatusBarNotifierView screenshot


A notifier view for iOS that resides in the status bar.

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