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MGEStyles screenshot


Customize the appearance and any other property of any UIResponder (views, view controllers, labels, buttons) just just by setting a style name in the Interface Builder.

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Motif screenshot


A lightweight and customizable JSON stylesheet framework for iOS

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GONMarkupParser screenshot


Easily build NSAttributedString from XML/HTML like strings for iOS.

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WPAttributedMarkup screenshot


WPAttributedMarkup is a simple utility category that can be used to easily create an attributed string from text with markup tags and a style dictionary.

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MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit screenshot


MultipleStyleCheckBoxKit have multiple style check box, due with multiple line text, network photo, local photo, useful on news vote. 拥有对多种媒体类型进行勾选,比如本地图片、网络图片、本地文本,多用于新闻投票或者答题App里面。

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iMessageStyleReveal screenshot


Provides a plug and play solution for adding pull to reveal info along side your UITableView's.

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CalendarStyle screenshot


Calendar component for iOS apps

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ICSStyleManager screenshot


ICSStyleManager is a lightweight iOS library that lets you handily separate your app's font, color and other UI-related values into style sheet files that are both easy to read and straightforward to write.

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RFMarkdownTextView screenshot


This is a UITextView that is supposed to replicate the comment toolbar in iOctocat ( with auto-insert markdown functionality.

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iTunes-Table-Header screenshot


A collection of subclasses and classes to make any table view look like that in the iTunes program. Includes custom row alternating colors and highlight colors.

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7blur screenshot


iOS 7 introduces a new efficient snapshot API. The 7blur project builds on these frameworks to produce Control Center and Notification Center like blur effects enforcing the 3rd design pattern of depth for iOS 7 apps. 7blur supports both two styles of blur, two styles of positioning and many blur color components. Supported blurs: * Live real time blur * Static blur Supported positioning: * Drop down menu style * Fixed position Blur color components: * Blur radius * Tint color * Saturation delta factor * Mask image By combining the attributes above one can produce many desired visual effects and human interfaces. 7blur only has a handful of API tasks and the view content can be visually edited in Interface Builder for productivity. Get started with the sample project today.

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UIButton + Bootstrap 3.0 styles screenshot

UIButton + Bootstrap 3.0 styles

Simple UIButton category that adds nice and flat Bootstrap 3.0 button styles. No subclass, no images. Quartz Core drawing. Highly customizable. Credits BButton by mattlawer: FontAwesome-iOS by leberwurstsaft:

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SHActionSheetBlocks screenshot


Block based syntax for UIActionSheet without the need for libffi or swizzling. pod 'SHActionSheetBlocks', '~> 1.1.0'

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SimpleJSONParserForYAJL screenshot


Simple JSON Parser For YAJL is a wrapper which allows you to parse the json data with event-driven model of SAX, but eliminating the implementation of the complex SAX interface ie. number of callback methods that will be called when events occur during parsing.

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Slash screenshot


A simple, extensible markup language for styling NSAttributedStrings. The language is similar in appearance to HTML, however the meaning of each tag is user-defined

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StyledChat screenshot


The StyledChatDemo is a chat bubble demonstration project inspired by the open source Adium.The demo adapted the Adium's Renkoo message style,supported dynamically changing the style variant.

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TKRoundedView screenshot


Simple and advanced rounded corners without images, perfect for implementing grouped table view cells

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GC3DFlipTransitionStyleSegue screenshot


iBooks-style 3D flip transition animation rendered in OpenGL ES 2.0 and wrapped in a UIStoryboardSegue subclass.

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NUI screenshot


NUI lets you style iOS apps using a style sheet, similar to CSS, allowing you to style an entire app in minutes. You can create themes/skins that can be reused across multiple applications, set styles using simple rules (e.g. set ButtonBorderColor to #CCCCCC), use variables (e.g. set @primaryFontName to Helvetica), and more...

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BrowserTabView screenshot


The BrowserTabView is a browser-style tabview controller looks like the Dolphin Browser,you can add or remove tab dynamically,and it also support panning and dragging ,you can exchange tab positions.It gives you a overlapping-look tabview and displays the tabs by rendering images, so if you want to do some custom, simply replace these images.

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StyledTableViewCell screenshot


Customized table view cell border and highlight colors.

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