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DMPagerViewController screenshot


DMPagerViewController is page navigation controller like the one used in Twitter or Tinder

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SLPagingViewSwift screenshot


Navigation bar system allowing to do a Tinder like or Twitter like. SLPagingViewSwift is a Swift port of the Objective-C of SLPagingView

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SKSplashView screenshot


Create your own custom splash screens using a number of preset animation types. Can be customized to mimic the splash screens on the Twitter and Ping iOS app.

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EasySocial screenshot


This library allows your apps to use Twitter and Facebook with minimal understanding of the relevant SDK. It is super easy to use and elegantly designed. It will save you time. Many other libraries are overly complicated and offer functionality that you do not need in your app. The included Example Project demonstrates most of the features offered. EasySocial does only these things: Twitter + Send Plain Tweets + Send Tweets with images (via a URL or UIImage/NSData) + Get Data from user's timeline Facebook + Full Facebook Connect (Log In/Log Out and Auto-Log In) + Fetch User Information (id, name etc...) + Share and Publish messages in user's timeline

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TwitterPaggingViewer screenshot


A twitter like navigation bar, page viewer.

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SLPagingView screenshot


Navigation bar system allowing to do a Tinder like or Twitter like

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SwiftPagingNav screenshot


A Twitter-like navigation bar and page viewer written in Swift.

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SDWTwitterLabel screenshot


Fast UILabel subclass that parses # hashtags, @ mentions and links using the TwitterText library.

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Cover Photo Twitter screenshot

Cover Photo Twitter

Example of blurred expanding cover photo like twitter app: Created in Xcode 6 with auto layout, swift

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At Mentions screenshot

At Mentions

TweetBot like @Mentions

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TwitterPagingViewer screenshot


A Twitter-like navigation bar, page viewer.

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SmileViewController screenshot


UIViewController that allows to detect smile in real time (AVFoundation, CoreImage).

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ARWebServerActivity screenshot


A UIActivity subclass that share files via GCDWebServer with Twitter Bootstrap UI.

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Twikee screenshot


Twikee is a library to help you promote your app or game by using the most effective marketing technique : Twitter spreading. You can use it by providing extra content (unblock features, extra lifes, etc) to users in exchange for an advertising tweet about your app.

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RealtimeChat screenshot


RealtimeChat is a full native iPhone app to create realtime, text based chatrooms with Facebook/Twitter login. <b>Features</b><br> Live chat between multiple devices<br> Group chat functionality<br> Private chat functionality<br> Single or Multiple recipients<br> Full realtime actions - latency less than 100 ms<br> No backend programming needed<br> Native and easy to customize user interface<br> Push Notification support<br> Deep linking for Push Notification (<i>coming soon</i>)<br> Login with Email<br> Login with Facebook<br> Login with Twitter<br> Sending text messages<br> Sending pictures<br> Sending videos<br> Sending audio messages<br> Sending location<br> Sending stickers<br> Sending large emojis (<i>new</i>)<br> Typing indicator<br> Message delivery receipt<br> Message read receipt<br> Delete read and unread messages (<i>new</i>)<br> Block user functionality<br> Report user functionality<br> Address Book friend list<br> Invite functionality - SMS, email<br> Facebook friend list (list only registered users)<br> Realtime recent view for ongoing chats (<i>new</i>)<br> Map view for shared locations<br> Picture view for pictures<br> Basic Settings view included<br> Profile view for users<br> Group settings view for groups<br> Blocked view for blocked users<br> Privacy Policy view<br> Terms of Service view<br> In-app push notification settings (<i>coming soon</i>)<br> Facebook profile picture grabbed automatically<br> Twitter profile picture grabbed automatically (<i>coming soon</i>)<br> Picture, video and audio upload progress indicator (<i>new</i>)<br> Video length limit possibility<br> Copy and paste text messages<br> Send button is enabled/disabled automatically<br> Arbitrary message sizes<br> Data detectors - phone numbers, links, dates<br> Timestamps possibilities<br> Hide keyboard with swipe down<br> Smooth animations<br> Send/Receive sound effects<br> Deployment target: iOS 8<br> Supported devices: iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus

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MVFollow screenshot


MVFollow is a lightweight drop-in solution that allows you to follow people on Twitter.

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ABFullScrollViewController screenshot


Custom ViewController to hide the toolbar when user makes scroll. Like Facebook, Safari, Twitter...

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KBComposeSocial screenshot


Custom iOS-style dialog boxes for posting to Facebook and Twitter designed to run on iOS 4.3 and above. The SDK can be configured to capture any of four different media types, including: (1) text only; (2) text and an image array; (3) text an a url array; and (4) text, an image array and a URL array. The software is designed to be used on ARC-enabled projects, requires linking with the QuartzCore framework and is supported on iOS7. The SDK does not actually forward information to Facebook or Twitter. For this, you must use the Social SDK of your choice. Rather, it simply provides controls you can use to capture data from your users.

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TwitterCover screenshot


TwitterCover is a parallax top view with real time blur effect to any UIScrollView, inspired by Twitter for iOS

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GIFRefreshControl screenshot


"Twitter music" and "Yahoo! Weather" like pull-to-refresh control created using GIF.

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AAShareBubbles screenshot


Animated social share buttons control for iOS. Supports share buttons: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Vkontakte (, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, Instagram, Whatsapp, E-mail Demo video:

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