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PopupViewController screenshot


UIViewController drop in replacement with much more customisation

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JLAlertController screenshot


A UIAlertController replacement modeled after googles Alert

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PMAlertController screenshot


PMAlertController is a small library that allows you to substitute Apple's uncustomizable UIAlertController, with a beautiful and totally customizable alert that you can use in your iOS app.

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OKAlertController screenshot


Customizable UIAlertController controller. No custom UI or behavior - used standart UIAlertController with updated UI.

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ShowMeThatStatus screenshot


This is a component written in Swift for iOS 9.0+ to display statuses of a process in a nicely animated manner. It's easy to use and highly customisable regarding appearance.

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QueuedAlertPresenter screenshot


A QueuedAlertPresenter serializes the presentation of alerts (including across multiple threads). Use it when your code needs to present alerts in rapid succession, where the user may not be able t...

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APFeedBack screenshot


Feedback to send iOS enabled developer NSLog file create .txt

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EHPlainAlert screenshot


Plain style IOS bottom alert

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UIAlertController-MZStyle screenshot


Category for UIAlertController customization

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ZAlertView screenshot


A customizable AlertView written in Swift.

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YBAlertController screenshot


YBAlertController is a Swift library that provide a tidy action sheet and alert.

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BIZPopupView screenshot


BIZPopupView is a custom popup as ContentView of that can be used any content of UIViewController. Can be used as custom alert.

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Easy Swift UIAlertController  screenshot

Easy Swift UIAlertController

Easy Swift UIAlertController

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UNAlertView screenshot


UIAlertView replacement with simple appearance and flexibility.

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FloatingActionSheetController screenshot


FloatingActionSheetController is a cool design ActionSheetController library written in Swift2.

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OYSimpleAlertController screenshot


OYSimpleAlertController is very simple Alert written in Swift.

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MMPopupView screenshot


Pop-up based view(e.g. AlertView SheetView), can easily customize.

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LGAlertView screenshot


Customizable implementation of UIAlertView

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Simple AlertController Builder - Kamagari screenshot

Simple AlertController Builder - Kamagari

Simple UIAlertController builder class in Swift. #Features - AlertBuilder class to simply build UIAlertController by using method chaining -UIAlertController extension methods to simply pres...

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MZFormSheetPresentationController screenshot


MZFormSheetPresentationController provides an alternative to the native iOS UIModalPresentationFormSheet, adding support for iPhone and additional opportunities to setup controller size and feel fo...

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DOAlertController screenshot


Simple Alert View written in Swift, which can be used as a UIAlertController. It supports from iOS7. It is simple and easily customizable!

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